Environment and Energy Security

The Environment and Energy Security in International Relations Master’s Programme in English is an academic program for graduate students, that is a collaboration between the Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and the College of the Environment of Wesleyan University. The program will impart both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills on the student who will be imbued with skills in communications (web, writing and oral), negotiations, conflict resolution and community decision making. The Programme will develop students with advanced training from specialists who have accomplished much on the international stage.

Target audience for the program is graduates of wide range faculty: International Relations, International Law, International Economy, International Business, Natural Sciences, Climate Science, Energy Science, as well as practitioners from state bodies, international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research institutions, local governance bodies.

The program is based on the interdisciplinary approach for obtaining comprehensive knowledge on environment and energy issues impact on international relations, international law, international economics and business models and principles combining with practical skills.

We will pioneer cohort-based international project-based learning. The joint nature of the program through the exchange of students and professors, intensive residencies should be transformative for both students and faculty.


Admission requirements:

·      Bachelor’s Degree from accredited institutions

·      Good working command of English

·      Successful acceptation of the essay on environmental and energy security topics

·      Three letters of reference from academic representatives


Degree on Graduation:

Master of International Relations


Duration of the Programme:

3 semesters (1 year and 4 months) 


Language of the Programme:



Number of ECTS Credits:



Programme’s structure

MP on Environment and Energy Security in International Relations is comprised of four learning formats: 

1. Lecture/seminar, 

2. Think Tank, 

3. Intensive Residency, 

4. Research Thesis.

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