International Entrepreneurship

International Entrepreneurship

Entrance Exams Program 2017 


International Entrepreneurship Master’s Programme is designed for students wishing to receive theoretical background and practical knowledge needed for setting up and managing enterprises in various economy sectors on national and international levels.

Master’s Programme targets Ukrainian and international students holding at least Bachelor degree in  economy.

The Programme develops understanding of the global business processes and factors influencing entrepreneurial decisions as well as decision-making abilities in multicultural business environment. Within the Programme the students will acquire knowledge and skills enabling them to develop and effectively manage innovation-based business strategies both in SMEs and large companies across the globe.

After completing the Programme the graduates will have extended career opportunities and may run for positions of managers, consultants and analysts in domestic, foreign and international companies in different economy sectors. They will also have sufficient educational background and skills for launching independent business entities in the area of their interest.


Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor in Economy
  • Good working command of English


Degree on Graduation:

Master of International Economics


Duration of the Programme:

3 semesters (1.5 years)


Language of the Programme:



ECTS Credits:



Structure of the Programme:

  • Two semesters for academic studies
  • One semester for writing Master’s thesis and internship


Courses offered:

Bloc 1.

  • Methodology of International Economic Relations Research
  • Competition in International Entrepreneurship
  • Market Conditions of International Environments
  • Global Online Entrepreneurship
  • International Entrepreneurial Strategies
  • Legal Regulation of International Entrepreneurship
  • International Entrepreneurial Finance
  • International Investment Management
  • Intellectual Property and Innovations in International Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management in International Companies
  • European Business Environment
  • Customs in International Entrepreneurship
  • Payments in International Entrepreneurship

Bloc 2: Language Studies (throughout the Programme)

  • English language – for Ukrainian students
  • Ukrainian Language – for foreign students
  • Translation and Interpreting Practicum – for Ukrainian students (Third Semester)