Bachelor's Programmes in English

Bachelor’s Program ‘International Business, Commerce and Finance’

Speciality – International Economic Relations
Educational program – International Business, Commerce and Finance
Educational degree – bachelor
Professional qualification – Bachelor in International Economic Relations
Duration of the Program– 8 semesters (4 years) 
Language of studying – English

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Bachelor’s Program ‘International Law’

Description: The Bachelor’s Program ‘International Law’ covers in-depth studies in comparative law, public international law, private international law and European Union law. Special courses aim at enhancing professional skills necessary for representing states, organizations, individuals and corporations in international and national courts and tribunals, international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and other fora. Successful completion of the Bachelor’s Program will enable the graduates to prepare analytical materials, recommendations, provide expert advice for public bodies, private persons and legal entities on issues of public, private international law and EU law. Students will be capable to understand the nature of international relations, conduct diplomatic and business correspondence, work with international documents. Legal language studied during the four years will enable the graduates to apply attained knowledge in various spheres of their professional development.The Program is open for admission for foreign students only.

Admission Requirements:   Secondary Education Certificate
                                                Good working command of English

Degree on Graduation:        LL.B (Bachelor of International Law)

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