The main directions of scientific research of the Department are "Country studies approach to analysis of international relations", "Geopolitics and geostrategy of the countries", "The foreign policy of countries (regions)."

The results of basic research and teaching staff of the Department became dissertations, monographs and articles that analyze:

• Processes of obtaining regional leadership and geopolitical influence of the state (for example, China, India and Germany);

• Features of implementation of security interests in the states foreign policy (for example, the Arab Republic of Egypt);

• The impact of migration on development and implementation of foreign policy of Ukraine;

• The role of the personal factor in the formulation of foreign policies (for example in Latin America);

• Causes of modern regional conflicts and optimal models of their settlement (for example, in the former Soviet Union countries).

According to research areas of the Department, there was defended 2 doctoral and more than 20 PhD dissertations. Stuff of the Department published dozens of books and hundreds of articles in Ukraine and abroad. the Department of Country studies regularly hosts international conferences on topic issues of the country studies.

The Department of Country Studies running next projects:

"African Seminar". Founded in 2008. The seminar provides lectures, roundtables, conferences and meetings on topic issues of African studies, political and socio-economic development of the North, South and sub-Saharan Africa. Events of the Seminar held with the assistance of diplomatic representatives of African states accredited in Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and different NGOs.


Chief of the “Afracan Seminar”

Bovsunivskyy Pavlo, PhD in Politics, Associate Professor of the Department of Country Studies

+38 044 481 45 32

Centre of Indology of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Founded in 2012. Chief of the Centre is Pavlo Ignatiev, Doctor of Politics, Professor of the Department of Country Studies. The organization is supported by the Embassy of India in Ukraine at the Department of Country Studies. Thanks to the work of the Center, graduate students of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University have the opportunity to participate in the lectures of the professors from the leading universities in India and in joint events organized by the diplomatic mission of India and IIR.


Chief of Centre of Indology

Pavlo Ignatiev, Doctor of Politics, Professor of the Department of Country Studies

+38 044 481 45 32

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