About the Chair

Дайнеко Валентина Вікторівна
Daineko Valentina Viktorivna
Professor (Professor, PhD (Philology))

About the Chair

To develop students’ linguistic competence, the Chair of Foreign Languages was set up at the Department of International Relations and Law in 1976. Associate Professors Inna I. Borisenko and K.Ye. Smirnowa were its first chairwomen.

The Chair boasts a highly reputed and recognized both in Ukraine and beyond scholastic and methodological school of teaching foreign languages for special purposes (scientific and professional communication) which focuses on linguistic training of specialists in international law, international economic relations, international business, and international information. The training process is closely connected with the perspectives of students’ professional work.

The teaching of foreign languages is underpinned by novel methods and tools based on contemporary teaching aids and modalities, such as computerized lagerphone rooms, simultaneous translation rooms, audio and video systems, multimedia classrooms, etc. The expertise gained allowed for introducing a course on essentials of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Professor G.Miram leads a group of educators – Associate Professor O. Gon, instructors V. Morozov A.Karaschuk, Vasiliev S.V., and Ampleyev P.V – who develop cutting-edge teaching technologies and work on projects “Training professional translators”, “Methods of teaching simultaneous and consecutive translation”, “Language of contemporary advertisement”, Methods of teaching foreign languages and organizing independent work of students in multimedia room’’, The use of multimedia technologies in training trainers,” and “Linguistic commentary to multimedia texts”. Special video and CD courses for independent work of students in the computer classroom, and an e-library of texts were set up. Foreign languages training results are assessed with the help of a module rating system, which is conducive to effective organization of the academic process and positively influences overall knowledge acquisition by the students. The Chair introduced language testing for both applicants and students. The chair library has over 11,000 copies of teaching literature and teaching methodological guides and aids.

Owing to vigorous teaching-and-methodological work and continuous search for effective and efficient training computer-based tools, the Chair contributes greatly to the growing role of the umbrella Scientific-and-Methodological Centre of Teaching Foreign Languages for Special Purposes and the Use of Multimedia in Teaching Languages and Translation. On a regular basis, it launches international conferences, scientific-and-methodological workshops and master classes. Its expertise found approval and commendation at numerous international conferences and universities abroad.

Further and refresher training of trainers, researchers and instructors operates smoothly. To improve their skill and knowledge, the academics go universities and research centres of the United Kingdom, the USA, Austria, France, Spain, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Ireland, Greece, and Iceland.

Every year the Chair enlarges its scholastic ranks by enrolling the Institute graduates who have studied a course in Methods of teaching foreign languages and had field training at the Chair. Experts from foreign universities – the USA, France, Egypt, Germany Iran, Japan, the Republic of Korea – are invited to teach at the Chair.

The Institute students unfailingly take part and win at various language contests, work as language interpreters at international conferences on diverse subject matters, demonstrate linguistic proficiency when studying and training at foreign universities. Profuse positive feedback from organizations and institutions that hire Institute graduates is yet another proof of students’ high linguistic competence.


Since 1990 the Chair has been headed by Honored Educator of Ukraine, Professor Daineko Valentina Viktorivna (Kandidat Nauk in Philology). In 1969 she graduated from the Faculty of Romance and German Philology of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University, and started her teaching career there; she went to teach at the Faculty of International Relations and International Law in 1976, which became the Institute of International Relations thereafter. V.Daineko defended her Candidate’s Dissertation on Structural-Semantic and Communicative-Pragmatic Features of English Binominals in 1988. The academic status of Associate Professor was awarded in 1991, and that of Professor in 2003. She has been Honoured Educator since 1999.

V.V. Daineko is an experienced scholar, educator and methodologist. Over 100 research papers manuals, guides and aids have been written by her, including “An English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Binominals” (1994) , “English in international documents and diplomatic correspondence” (1999), “A Breakthrough into English”, “Basic translation” (2002), “Manual on foreign currency options” (2003), “Practice of translation” (2005), “English in international trade” (2007), “Enlish in diplomatic correspondence” (2009), other manuals and teacher’s guides. She teaches a course in English for Special Purposes (English in International Documents and Diplomatic Correspondence).

Prof. V.V. Daineko has taken probation courses at the universities of the USA, Austria, Canada, Egypt, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Greece.

Professor V.V.Daineko is the member of the Scientific and Methodological Council at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on the specialty of International Relations.


Senior Research Assistant of the Chair:
Kazmina Angela Volodymyrivna
Senior Research Assistant of the Chair:
Novikova Ludmila Pavlivna
Phone: 481-45-34