About the Department

Head of Department - Dmytro P. Rasshyvalov 

Associate professor, Ph.D. (International Economics)

About the Department

The scientific work of the   Department

Students receive theoretical knowledge on the basics of international business transactions, practical skills of business organization. During their education, students study, analyze and forecast the current trends and conditions of the international business environment that allows them to navigate in a dynamic economic life.


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Department of "International Business" trains specialists in the field of international business education and professional programs of Bachelor, Specialist and Master in the following specializations:

About the International Business Program

The main purpose of training specialists in the International Business education program is to provide students with basic knowledge of the theory and practice of the functioning of the global economy at the corporate level, international management and marketing, human resources and personnal management, applied aspects of international trade in goods and services, international capital movement of intellectual property, international finance, management of foreign economic activity of the firm.

 The study process of the program is based at the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at the Department of International Business.

Specialists in International Business at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv have been trained since 1990.

 Bachelors graduates receive:

- educational qualification:

 Bachelor of International Economic Relations

- professional qualification:

international business specialist

 translation specialist

Graduate students will receive:

 - educational qualification:

Master of International Economic Relations

 - professional qualification:

 international -economist


The international Business(bachelor degree) includes:

 1. International business and business administration;

 2. International management and marketing;

3. Finance of international business.

Specialist training in the International Business Master's program is carried out in the following specializations:

 1. International Business and Business Administration

 2. International management and marketing

 3. Finance of international business

 4. GR-management and lobbying of international business projects

 5. Social entrepreneurship and responsibility in international business.

 As part of the educational program, since 2014, the English master's program "International management and marketing" ("International management and marketing") has been offered.  The English Master's Degree Program is a one and a half year program for full-time students teaching English.  The program includes courses in which students study global business processes and company management in a competitive market.  Upon completion of the master's degree program, foreign students are qualified as international economists and Ukrainian students as international economists and English language translators.The faculty includes teachers of the ,first of all, departments of international business, global economy and international economic relations, international finance, department of foreign languages, other departments of institute of international relations and faculties and institutes of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

 In addition, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, other government departments of Ukraine, employees of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, international organizations, Ukrainian and foreign business structures are invited to attend lectures, seminars or workshops. 

Currently, 19 teachers work in the International Business Department.  Among them there are 5 doctors of economics, professors;  13 candidates of economic sciences, associate professors and assistants.

The following types of practice are envisaged for students to acquire primary practical skills in the curriculum:

 - Research and Production Practice (MA).

 Locations for practical experience for our students include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (territorial and functional departments), the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (Department of Defense and Security Economics, Department of State Policy in Foreign Policy, Department of State Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity, Department of Bilateral Relations)  of trade and economic cooperation, department of cooperation with the European Union, department of trade negotiations  and cooperation with the WTO), Parliament of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Institute for International Relations), the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, international organizations, the Association of International Economists, national and international businesses.

 Graduates of the educational program may be qualified for employment : foreign economic activity manager, asset manager for international companies, manager of international investment projects, economist-marketer, economist for foreign economic activity planning, economist for financial work in international markets, economist for foreign economic affairs, economist for foreign economic affairs, economist  and claims work, teacher (assistant) of higher education institution, specialist analyst in the study of international commodity markets, consul  foreign economic tant, economic advisor, translator, attaché, diplomatic agent, foreign language translator.

Our graduates work:

 - in representative offices of multinational corporations, joint ventures and enterprises with foreign capital;

 - in international economic organizations;

- in domestic and foreign corporations carrying out international business projects;

 - in higher educational establishments, academic institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries;

 - in line ministries and other departmental structures.