Chair of International Business

Chair of International Business

The History of Department

The Department of management of foreign economic activity was founded in 1990 as the Department of management of foreign trade and marketing. The head of the newly created department was appointed Associate Professor Prilyuk V.D., who managed it until 1993.

In 1993, the department was renamed to the Department of management of foreign operations. Back in 1993 it was headed by Professor, Doctor of Economics Kredisov A.I., who dealt with all its challenges and achievements for a decade. Since 2003, the Department has been managed by an Ukrainian diplomat, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor Vergun V.A..

Its modern name the Department has received in 2009 (decision of the Academic Council of the University of Kyiv, December 2008).

Since 2000, for the first time in Ukraine IIR started the training of the specialty of "International Business".

Training on this new and much needed for the country specialty is implemented on the educational and professional programs of undergraduate and masters by teaching professionally-oriented courses. Under the new curriculum the department provides teaching complex regulatory, optional subjects and disciplines of professional and practical training. The lecturers of the Department profess more than 40 career-oriented disciplines.

In 2007, the Department prepared and published the first in Ukraine tutorial on international business named "International Business".

Through active performance, in 2012, employees of the Department published the following manuals: "Foreign Investments: Tax Havens and Their Institutions in International business: Training Manual," edited by Vergun V.A., Stupnytskyy O.I. and "International Corporate Governance" edited by Vergun V.A., Stupnytskyy O.I., and Yakubovskyy V.V.

Since 2001, the Department initiated the practice of conducting annual international scientific conferences on international business development in Ukraine. In particular: "International Business in Ukraine: Development and Evolution in a market transformation of society" (1-2 November 2001), "International Business: Adaptation to the Environment" (10-11 October 2002), "International Business: Market Development of Information and Communication Technologies"(9-10 October 2003).

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary the staff of the Department in October 2011, organized and hosted an international scientific-practical conference "Ukraine in international business for 20 years of independence: experience and prospects." The conference was attended by lecturers and scholars of universities and research institutions of Ukraine, representatives of the diplomatic corps, business circles, and foreign guests. During the reports in the plenary sessions, the participants discussed a wide range of issues related to the theoretical and actual aspects of the development of modern international business, outlined the opportunities and challenges of the national companies in globally competitive space.

Over the 20-year history of its teaching methods and research faculty of the Department issued a series of tutorials, manuals, monographs. Among the tutorials: "International Business", ed. by Professor Vergun V.A. (2007), "International Economic Relations", ed. by Professor Filippenko A.S. (1994), "Fundamentals of Financial Management", ed. by Stupnytskyy O.I. (1996), "International Monetary Relations", edited by Professor Rohach A.I. (1997), "International Finance", ed. by prof. Rohach A.I. (2003), "Finance" (interactive multimedia training version CD-ROM), ed. by Professor Stupnytskyy O.I. (2004), "Statistics" by Associate Professor Mazurenko V.P. (2008), "The Market Situation on World Commodity Markets," author Associate Professor Berezovenko S.M. (2008), "International Labor Migration and the Mechanism of its Regulation" by Professor Stupnytskyy O.I.  (2008). Textbooks: "Innovation and Innovation Management" by Professor Stupnytskyy O.I. (2006), "Modern Factoring: the Efficiency of Trade Operations and Corporate Finance Management" by Professor Stupnytskyy O.I. (2010), "Foreign Investments: Tax Havens and Their Institutions in International Business," by the authors Professor Vergun  V.A. and Professor Stupnytskyy O.I (2011). In 2007, the lecturers of the Department issued the first national textbook "International Business", the 2nd edition of this textbook came in 2009.

For 20 years, the Department prepared 3 doctoral dissertations and 57 master's theses