Chair of International Finance

Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine

Olexander Rogach


History of the Chair

The Department of International Finance of the Institute of International Relations was established in 1999. It became the first training centre in Ukraine in the field of international finance. Since the establishment of the department, it is headed by Doctor of Economics, Prof. O.I. Rogach, a specialist in the world economy and international investment.

The Department of International Finance has 11 members: 5 Doctors of Economics, professors (O.I. Rogach, I.I. Puzanov, S.A. Tsyganov, O.V. Snizhko, P.V. Dziuba), 5 associate professors, candidates of economic sciences (N.V. Kuznetsova, N.V. Fareniuk, V.E. Namoniuk, O.V. Pidchosa, V.V. Matei), 1 assistant professor (K.V. Shtogrin) and 4 graduate students.

The Department of International Finance together with the Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations provides the educational process in the field "International Economic Relations". The department is a profile for bachelor's and master's majors "International Finance" and "International Investment". Members of the department also give lectures on other specializations of the departments of international economic relations, international business, international regional studies. Since 2016, the department is the basic unit for the implementation of a new master's degree program "International Finance and Investment" with majors "International Financial Activity" and "International Investment Activity", and since 2019 a new interdepartmental bachelor's English program "International Business, Commerce and Finance" ("International Business, Commerce and Finance").

The members of the department have developed and are teaching such disciplines, in particular: basics of international microeconomics, basics of international macroeconomics, micro- and macroeconomic basics of international business, world economy, international finance, transnationalization of world economy, offshoring finance, financial systems of world countries and financial analysis, international investment management, international investment projects, foreign tax policy, mergers and acquisitions in global capital markets, international financial markets, international financial markets and banking, international portfolio investment, strategic management of an international enterprise. Among the disciplines of specialization taught by members of the department are the following normative and specialized courses: international financial management, tax systems of foreign countries, stock market of foreign countries, EU stock market, finance of international enterprises, international financial and business analytics, cross-border mergers and acquisitions monetary policy of foreign countries, international financing of start-ups, theories of foreign direct investment, international trade lending, international financial engineering, technological products of international finance, investment cooperation of Ukraine with the EU, modern foreign direct investment strategies, international institutional investors, investment climate of foreign countries the structure of international financial markets, operations in EU investment markets, strategies for optimizing international portfolio investment, international financial and investment consulting, tax policy of foreign countries.

The department of international finance with the participation of reputable national experts in the field of international finance prepared more than 25 monographs, textbooks, manuals. Fundamental textbooks: "International Finance" / ed. prof. O.I. Rogach. Kyiv, 2003, "Fundamentals of International Finance" / ed. prof. O.I. Rogach. Kyiv, 2009, "Fundamentals of International Finance" / ed. prof. O.I. Rogach. Kyiv, 2014 are basic educational materials for courses on international finance.

Textbooks: "Multinational Enterprises" (Kyiv, 2019, Prof. Rogach O.I.), "Theories of International Business" (Kyiv, 2018, Prof. Rogach O.I.), "International Portfolio Investment, (Kyiv, 2018, Prof. O.I. Rogach, Assoc. Prof. P.V. Dziuba).

Among the achievements of the department – 4 doctoral and 30 candidate dissertations.

Scientific student groups have been established at the department. Under the leadership of professor Tsyganov S.A., associate professor Kuznetsova N.V., associate professor Namoniuk V.E. the group "Actual problems of world finances" works.


Detailed information about master’s degree programme - INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS



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