Normative courses:

International Finance


Fundamentals of international microeconomics

World Economy

Theory of money and world money circulation

Fundamentals of Economic Analysis and Audit

Foreign trade enterprises

Transnationalization of world economy

International financial markets

International Investment Management

Economic risks in international transactions

International banking

International tax management

Financial Systems of foreign countries

Micro- and macroeconomic fundamentals of international business

Institutes of International Business


Courses of specialization:

Stock market of EU

Financial and Banking Systems of Europe

International financial management

Stock markets of foreign couintries

Monetary systems of foreign countries

Tax systems of foreign countries

Global marketing strategies

Computer technologies in commercial activities

Finance of  International Trade

International credit

International derivatives market

International Financial Analytics

International portfolio investments

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions

Theory and practice of exchange rate

International banking business

Finance of multinational corporations

Modern multinational corporations

Marketing of transnational banks


Courses in English

International Entrepreneurial Finance

International Investment Management

Tax Management in International Entrepreneurship

Human Recourse Management in International Entrepreneurship

Strategies and Management of International Entrepreneurial



Normative courses

Actual issues of international economic relations

Fundamentals of International Finance

International macroeconomics

International financial markets

International portfolio investments

International Banking

International ventures and direct investments

Professional and corporate ethics


Courses of IIR choice

Theories of Foreign Direct Investment

International financial and investment risks

Strategic management of international companies

Insurance of International Business

Mergers and acquisitions at the global capital markets

The international credit

International Financial Management


Block "International financial activity"

International Financial Analytics

The exchange rate and the foreign exchange market

Theories of international portfolio investments

The global market for financial derivatives

International financial engineering

International audit and financial analysis


Block "International investment business"

International Investment Management

International investment projects

EU-Ukraine Investment Cooperation

Global value chain of the international companies

Tax Management in International Company

Business plan for an international enterprise