Education Program "International Finance and Investments"

Master's educational program


The program is predesignated for undergraduate graduates of all economic specialities.

Students of the program "International Finance and Investments" receive the necessary knowledge and practical skills to work in the system of international financial markets and of their management; in investment funds, financial companies, investment banks, insurance and pension companies, international organizations, public and local state bodies, enterprises of all forms of ownership, in particular in multinational corporations and their affiliates, joint ventures; in research institutes and laboratories; consulting institutions dealing with problems of international finance, modern currency, credit, financial instruments in the world capital markets and financial services markets; in the system of training of human resources and improving their skills, etc.

Curriculum of the educational program includes:

Compulsory academic disciplines: Methodology and Organization of Research on the Basics of Intellectual Property, Actual Problems of International Economic Relations, Fundamentals of International Finance, International Macroeconomics, International Financial Markets, International Portfolio Investments, International Banking, International Enterprise and Direct Investments, Professional and Corporate Ethics, Language for Special Purposes.

Disciplines to be chosen by the Institute: Theories of FDI, International Financial and Investment Risks, International Strategic Management of an International Enterprise, International Business Insurance, Mergers and Acquisitions on Global Capital Markets, International Lending, International Financial Management.

Discipline to be chosen by a student:

Specialization "International Financial Activities" – International Financial Analytics, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Exchange Market, Theories of International Portfolio Investments, World Financial Derivatives Market, International Financial Engineering, International Audit and Financial Analysis.

Specialization "International investment business" – International Investment Management, International Investment Projects, EU-Ukraine Investment Cooperation, Global Cost Chains of International Enterprise, Tax Management of International Enterprise, Business Plan of International Enterprise.

The professional competencies of the graduate include possession of methods of analysis of investment projects, the behavior of economic agents and financial markets; practical skills of management of international investment portfolios and their optimization; ability to use modern methods of corporate finance management to solve strategic tasks; ability to manage organizations, divisions, groups of employees and projects; the ability to generalize and critically evaluate the results obtained by domestic and foreign researchers, and to find topical scientific problems.

Employment of graduates:

Graduates can take initial positions such as an economist, an international economist, a planning economist, a finance economist, a credit analyst, a tax and fee economist, an economist in accounting and business analysis, an economist in pricing, an econometrist, an expert analyst from a commodity market research, an economist from contractual and pretentious work, an economic adviser, a business observer, a member of the executive body of a joint-stock company, a board member of a joint-stock company, a member of an audit committee, a member of a supervisory board, a junior researcher, lecturer (assistant) of a university, an economic advisor, attaché, a diplomatic agent, and a foreign language translator.

Our graduates work:

• on managing and executive positions in state bodies and institutions of Ukraine and of 90 countries in the world;

• in multinational corporations, joint ventures and enterprises with foreign capital;

• in international economic intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations;

• in business structures of all spheres of economy of Ukraine and foreign countries;

• in higher educational establishments, academic institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries.