Chair of World Economy and International Economic Relations

Head of the Chair of World Economy and International Economic Relations, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Professor of Jean Monnet Program Shnyrkov Olexander Ivanovich.

Preparation of experts is sphere of "International Economic Relations" at National Taras Shevchenko of Kyiv began in 1972 when in frame of the Faculty of International Relations and International Law new specialty "International Economic Relations" was established.

The department has 15 full-time teachers, namely: 8 doctors of sciences, professors (Shnyrkov OI, Filipenko AS, Zablocka RO, Reznikova NV, Mazurenko VI, Chugaev OA ., Stakanov RD, Rusak DM), 4 candidates of sciences, associate professors (Khvatov Yu.Yu., Polishchuk LS, Negoda AV,, Shvorak LO), candidate of sciences, assistant Bekh KA, assistant Shepel OS, docent Nanavov AS - 0.5 rates. Teachers of other departments of the Institute and the University, as well as specialists of companies, government agencies, other Ukrainian and foreign universities, international organizations for special courses and master classes are actively involved in the implementation of educational programs of the department.

Priority areas of the department:
- ensuring high quality training of specialists in the field of international economic relations,
- conducting research on the development of the world economy and international economic relations by students, graduate students, doctoral students, teachers of the department,
- expansion and deepening of international cooperation in the fields of higher education and research,
- intensification of work with students,
- preparation of the personnel reserve of the department.

Training of experts at the Chair is carried out by educational qualification of Bachelor and Master in such specializations and master's programs:

EL “Bachelor”

  • World Economic Market Condition
  • International Commerce;
  • International Finance;
  • Economy of the European Integration;
  • International Investments

EL “Master”

  • World Economic Market Condition
  • International Commerce;
  • International Finance;
  • European Business;
  • International Investments
  • International Entrepreneurship;
  • International Finance and Investments (graduates do not obtain qualification of translator)

The main purpose of preparation of experts in the field of international economic relations is getting by the students of basic knowledge of the theory and practice of the world economy, international trade in goods and services, international movement of capital, labor and intellectual property, and international finance.

Graduates, who gain a higher education, get a qualification of "economist (international relations), translator from foreign language".

Our graduates may hold such primary positions: economist, economist of accounting and business analysis, planning economist, economist of finance, commentator on economic issues, an economist at bargain, assistant in the higher educational institutions, commodity market analyst, economic consultant, economic adviser, diplomatic attaché, diplomatic courier, translator from foreign language.

Among the 3,500 graduates of the department from 46 countries are the President of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, heads of international economic organizations, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and foreign parliamentarians, ministers and heads of state institutions, ambassadors of Ukraine and foreign countries, company heads, doctors, professors.


The Chair carries out numerous workshops and conferences.

Contact us:

Kyiv, 36/1 Y.Illienka str., room 313

Leading Assistant – Medvedeva Tatiana Oleksandrivna

Methodologist – Suhomlinova Olha Volodimirivna

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