Since the Chair was established in 1972, it continues to develop as a leading research center for the study of contemporary international economic relations.

Formation of the scholarly traditions is encouraged by activity provided by formed at the beginning of 90s Specialized Scientific Council on the defense of Doctoral and PhD thesis of block “World Economy and International Economic Relations”. Ukrainian citizens and foreigners form almost all continents of the world have obtained they science degrees on at this Council. Within the period of 1990-2016 citizens from over 24 countries of the world defended here more than 30 Doctoral thesis and more than 150 PhD thesis. The Specialized Scientific Council includes experts of main universities of Ukraine. From the moment of its creation – head of the Council Doctor of Economics, Professor Filipenko A.S.

The main Chair’s research areas are:

·      "International competition in the global economy" and "The European Union in the global economy" (headed by Prof. O. I. Shnyrkov),

·      "World Economy and International Economic Relations" (headed by Prof. A. S. Filippenko),

·      "Development of the World Market of Services" (headed by Prof. R. O. Zablotska),

·      "International Accounting Standards" (headed by Prof. V. I. Mazurenko).

The Chair has tight connections with governmental and academic institutions of Ukraine as well as maintains international scientific contacts with Institute of International Relations of Nicolaus Copernicus University (Torun, Poland), Azerbaijan State Economic University (Azerbaijan), University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy) and related chairs of Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, Iran, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, France etc. universities.

From 2011 the Chairworked on the scientific topic “Ukraine in international integrational processes”. From 2012 the topic of SRP’s research was “Economic aspects of the EU-Ukraine Association agreement”. Since 2016 SRP works on the topic “Association as a new frame of the EU-Ukraine cooperation: political, legal, economical and informational aspects”.