Chair of International Information

Chair of International Information

Head of the department Ryzhkov Mykola Mykovajovich
doctor of political sciences, professor
Teaching staff:
3 Doctors of Science, among them 3 professors;
10 candidates of sciences, among them 8 associate professors.

Chair of International Information

The most successful man in life is

the man who has the best information.

(Benjamin Disraeli)

The Chair of International Information and the specialty of the same name was founded at the Institute of International Relations on June 1, 1993, in order to provide training of specialists for analytical and communication departments in governmental, political, corporate and public organizations of independent Ukraine.

The founder of the specialty and the first head of the Chair of International Information was Professor Valery P. Gondyul, the Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Deputy Minister of Education of Ukraine (1992-1995), Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University (1998-2005).

The outstanding contribution to the development of the Chair and specialty were made by expert in communication, media and information policy, Prof. Georgiy G. Pocheptsov and Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, researcher of global information society, communication technologies in foreign policy, Prof. Eugenia A. Makarenko.

Since 2007, the Chair is headed by Prof. Mykola M. Ryzhkov, Doctor of Political Sciences, Corresponding Member of the World Association of Universities named after Plato (Greece), Honorary Professor of the University of Pittsburgh (USA).

During 25 years academic staff of the Chair developed, implemented and improved the higher education standards in the field of international information and communication.

More than 50 Ph.D. dissertations were defended under the supervision of Chair’s professors.

At the initiative of the Chair, the Center for Cooperation with the European Union within the framework of the RP-6 research program was established in 2003 and functioned till 2007 at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Besides, due to the Chair of International Information, Youth Foundation of UNESCO was founded at the Institute of international relations.

The Chair today

Since 2015, academic staff of the Chair has been working within the specialty “International Relations, Public Communication and Regional Studies”.

The team of the Chair of International Information together with the Chair of International Media Communication and Communication Technologies developed Bachelor’s and Master’s programs "International Communication" to provide high-quality training of specialists in the field of information and communication.


The academic staff at the Chair of International Information consists of :

·      5 doctors of sciences, professors,

·      1 doctor of sciences, associate professor,

·      8 Ph.D., associate professors,

·      1 assistant professor.

The academic staff of the Chair provides teaching of the following professionally-oriented courses:

·      Information and Analytical Activities in International Relations,

·      Modern Information Systems and Technologies,

·      System methods in International Relations Research,

·      Information Technologies in Forecasting and Analytical Activities,

·      Fundamentals of Visual Communication,

·      International Information and Communication,

·      Information warfare,

·      Strategic Communications,

·      Public Diplomacy

·      Crisis Communication,

·      Infographics and Data Presentation,

·      Project Management,

·      European Communication Policy,

·      Intercultural Communication,

·      Information Resources of the National Identity,

·      Modeling and Forecasting of International Relations, etc.


The staff of the Chair is working on such research topics, as:

·      Trends and policies in the development of information society at global, regional and national levels;

·      Public diplomacy and intercultural communication;

·      Information warfare and information security in international relations;

·      Communication technologies in foreign policy;

·      Information and analytical support for foreign policy activities;

·      Crisis communication management;

·      National identity issues in international relations, etc.

The team of the Chair organizes international scientific conferences, including Internet conferences, round tables and scientific readings.

Over the past 10 years, academic staff of the Chair initiated and held about 30 scientific events to discuss topical issues of international relations in the context of new information threats and challenges, as well as latest communication trends in the development of international relations.