Chair of International Media Communication and Communication Technologies

Chair of International Media Communication and Communication Technologies

The Chair of International Media Сommunications and Communication Technologies (CIMCT) was founded in October 2012 as a new subdivision of the Department of International Information to train specialists in the sphere of international communications and global media.

The objective of the Chair is to provide students with up-to-date knowledge and competitive skills in the sphere of media communications, communication technologies and international journalism. The key to achieving it lies in the following three aspects:

  • Profound knowledge of professional field – international relations;
  • Fluency in several foreign languages;
  • Excellency in ability to create journalistic texts and TV- and radio programmes for both national and international mass media.

The graduates of the Department are highly competent to use the potential of contemporary communication technologies (such as PR, branding, government relations, lobby and reputation management) for accomplishing tasks in the spheres of politics, economy and media.

The Department enables students to work in the international community as image-makers or PR-managers as well asto seek employment both in the fields of international journalism and analytics.

The acting head of the Chair is Doctor of Political Science, Professor Danylenko Sergiy Ivanovych.

The CIMCT employs 8 members of academic staff: Kopiika V.V. (Doctor of Political Science, professor, director of the Institute of International Relations), Danylenko S.I. (Doctor of Political Science, associate professor), Romanenko Y.V. (Doctor of Social Science, associate professor), Yakovets A.V. (PhD in Philology, associate professor), Valevska I.A. (PhD in Philosophy, associate professor), Shevchenko O.V. (PhD in Political Sciences, associate professor), Panchenko Zh.O. (PhD in Political Sciences, associate professor).

Members of academic staff of CIMCT teach  the following courses for the department of  International Information:

  • Public Relations, 
  • The Theory and Practice of Communication,
  • Conflict Studies,
  • The Theory and Practice of Negotiations,
  • International Mediacommunications,
  • The Theory and Practice of International Advertising,
  • Press Service, Image Studies,
  • Decision-making in International Relations,
  • Mass Communications,
  • Brand Communications,
  • Speechwriting in International Relations,
  • Internet PR,
  • Visual Analytics and Forecasting,
  • Information Geopolitics,
  • Reputation Management,
  • Ethnic Psychology.

DIMCT offers two following specializations: International Mediacommunications (Media Analytics, International Journalism) and International Communication Technologies  and a range of electives that include The Theory and Practice of International Journalism, Analytics in International Media,  Professional Standards in Mass Media, Genres Package,  Master-class in Information Genres, State Branding in International Relations, PR in Governmental Bodies, Technologies of Psychological Influence in International Relations, GR and lobbying technologies in International Relations, Investment Communications, International PR-Practice Master-class.



Within the framework of the International Journalism master’s programme, students are offered an innovative course titled “TV Anchoring Class”, designed to teach the practical skills of working before the camera through the medium of the English language. The students have an opportunity of not only studying the work of a TV presenter but also having a go at it. In addition, the course helps acquire spoken English essential to a modern international journalist.

The course is based on materials of leading world news agencies, such as CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, etc.

The course was designed by the lecturer of the IIR Foreign Languages Chair Nataliia Dzhyma, who has patented her own English-language teaching method.

The video presentation of the course is accessible via this link: “TV Anchoring Class”.


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