International information security: modern challenges and threats/Y.Makarenko, M.Ryzhkov, M.Ozhevan and others. – Kiev, 2006. –916 p.

The book covers theoretical and practical aspects of international information security.It includes such topics as global, regional and national concepts and practice of information security, methods of publicopinion manipulation in international relations, information warfare, etc.

European communication/Y.Makarenko, Y.Ozhevan, Y.Tykhomirova, M.Ryzhkov and others. – Kiev, 2010.–536 p.

The textbook gives insight into the programs of information society development in Europe, European information law, the policies of the European intergovernmental organizations in the field of information and communication.

Ryzhkov M., Dobrzhanska O., Lytvynenko N., Panchenko Zh. Information resources ofstate identity. – Kiev, 2012. – 399 p.

The textbook focuses on the identity and discourse as basic notions of constructivist approach to international relations. According to this approach the self-concept of a country is based on individual and group identity. Individual identity means the self-identity as a sovereign state. Group identity means that the state is associated with a certain existing community (for example, regional, political and so on). In the textbook the resources and tools of developing and strengthening state identity are studied.

Danylenko S.  Civil dimension of communication revolution: Evolution of social communications from printing press to social networks (2010)

The textbook investigates the role of communication in the formation of civil society, the influence of changes in the sphere of ICT on the state of social and political system, in both national and global scope.

Shevchenko O. PR-technologies in international relations (European experience and Ukrainian perspectives) (2003).


The monograph  presents and systematises theoretical and practical problems of PR-technologies in international relations, determines PR-based models and priorities in foreign-policy communications. The author introduces her own concept of foreign imaging programme for Ukraine.

Shevchenko O.  European PR-practice (2006)

The textbook examines modern PR-trends and practice in European countries, national and corporate lobby as a PR-technology in international relations, analyses PR-factors involved in the European integration process as well as Ukrainian PR-policy while entering the EU.

Shevchenko O. Basic PR-practice (2007)


The textbook examines basic stages of PR-project implementation, beginning from preparation and creation of PR-strategy to event organization. The textbook includes case-study of successful PR-strategies, implemented in Ukraine.

Shevchenko O. Shevchenko G. Efficiency evaluation in PR (2007)

The anthology examines national and foreign approaches to determining efficiency evaluation of PR campaigns, presents basic principles and standards of efficiency evaluation in PR as well as criteria and methods in PR. The book contains an overview of the most successful PR-campaigns in world practice.

Shevchenko O. State branding in international relations  (2011)


The textbook deals with theoretical and practical issues of state branding as modern technology in foreign communications. The book presents interpretation of main concepts in state branding, analyses modern scientific approach to state branding in international relations, characterises brand strategies and practice of countries and cities, presents legal aspects of state branding in different countries.

Shevchenko O. Lobby and GR-technologies in international relations (2011)


The textbook deals with theoretical and practical issues of lobby and GR as communication components of interaction of businesses, civil society and state authorities. The textbook presents an interpretation of basic GR and lobby concepts, analyses modern theories of information maintenance of G2B interaction; examines  classification of lobby and GR-technologies in G2B interaction; characterizes strategies and practice of TNCs, national businesses, national state authorities and supernational institutions in the field of lobby and GR, analyses legal grounds for lobby and GR-technologies usage in Ukraine and worldwide.

Shevchenko O., Yakovets A. PR: Theory and practice (2011)


The coursebook aims to present theoretical basis and applied aspects of PR-practice, The methods, techniques, channels and forms of communication in democratic society are also given.

Strategic communications in international relations. 2019
Annotation: The monograph is devoted to the study of conceptual and applied aspects of strategic communications as an innovative tool in the field of international relations, analysis of the role of strategic communications in the practice of diplomatic activities of leading international actors and Ukraine.