International scientific relations

One of the training of highly qualified specialists in European law is a broad international cooperation. Throughout its existence, the Department developed close scientific ties with many foreign universities.

The staff of the Chair of Comparative and European Law liaises with the University of Regensburg (Germany), with Illinois University (USA). Head of Department, Professor Vorobyev VI participated in international conferences, the results of which will be issued joint collections of abstracts and articles, including:

  1. “The protection of individual rights in constitutional and international legal issues in Germany, Ukraine and Poland.” 13th International Congress of European and comparative constitutional law. - 1-2 July 2011, the city of Regensburg (Germany) Regensburg University.
  2. German-Ukrainian seminar on constitutional aspects of human rights. - 28-29 September 2011 in Odessa.
  3. International Scientific Conference “Ideology in the modern world.” - 19-20 October 2011, Kyiv.