Private International Law Chair

Private International Law Chair

Victor Kalakura, Ph.D. (Law), Head of the Chair

History of Department

The Private International Law Department was established in 1992. Konstantyn Sandrovskiy, professor, doctor of law, was became the first Head of the Department (1992-1995). Since 1995 the Head of the Department is A.S.Dovgert, - doctor of law, professor, corresponding member of ALS of Ukraine, honored lawyer of Ukraine has run the Department.

Today the Department includes: 3 professors (A.S.Dovgert, O.M.  Biryukov, V.I. Muvavyev), 7 associate professors (B.Y.Kalakura, S.Y.Kozyakov,  O.Y.Seryogin, G.A.Tsirat, G.V.Galushchenko, O.I.Vygovskyy, Y.V.Chernyak), and 1 assistant (A.G.Pokachalova).  Also, for delivering lectures on specific courses the Department invites experts from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine as well as known plasticizing practicing lawyers.  


Senior Department Assistant – Zathey Larisa Gennadiivna.

Department’s phone number: 481-44-43.