Staff and academic interests

Staff and academic interests


Victor Ya. Kalakura

Scientific degree: Ph.D. (Law)
Position: Head of the Chair
Disciplines: "Comparative civil law", "Insurance law", "Private international law", "International family law".
Field of research: civil law, family law, private international law, insurance law.
Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (1986).

Anatoliy S. Dovgert

Scientific degree: Ph.D., Doctor of Law

Position: Professor

Field of research: international private law, comparative civil law.

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of International Relations and International Law (1977).

He has been working at the University since 1983. In 1983 – 1988 – Associate Professor of the  Chair of Civil Law, Department of Law; 1988–1992 – Associate Professor of the Comparative Law Chair of the Institute of International Relations; 1992 – 1995 – Associate Professor of the Chair of International Private and Customs Law; 1995 – 2014 – Head of the Chair of Private International Law.

Corresponding member of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. Author of more than 300 publications on problems of civil law and private international law. Has prepared more than 30 candidates and doctors of sciences. Deputy Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Working Group on drafting a new Civil Code of Ukraine and Expert of Parliament’s Commissions on adoption a new Civil Code of Ukraine (1993 – 2003). Drafter of Ukrainian Laws concerning commerce, including the law on Foreign Investments and law on Private International Law (1990 – 2008) and International legislation. Expert from Ukraine concerning the drafting of a Model Civil Code for NIS countries and models of different laws for NIS countries (1993 – 2000) Member of the Editorial Board of several legal journals. He is an expert and consultant of several ministries, commissions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the President of Ukraine.

Titles and awards: Honored Lawyer of Ukraine (1999). Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2000). Excellence in Education (2004).



Oleksandr M. Biryukov


Scientific degree: Ph.D., Doctor of Law
Position: Professor
Disciplines: "Comparative and cross-border bankruptcy", "International private law", "Commercial law", comparative and cross-border bankruptcy, private international law, securities.
Education: graduated in 1984. With honors, the Faculty of Economics and Law of the Peoples' Friendship University of. Patrice Lumumba with the qualification of Master of Laws and an interpreter from English and Hindi.
Biryukov A.M. Received a number of grants for scientific research in the USA (1994-95, and 1997), Italy (UNIDROIT, 1996), was a Fellow of the Program. Senator Fulbright (USA, 2000-01), in 2009 received a grant from the International Organization INSOL to conduct research in the field of comparative and international bankruptcy.
Biryukov A.M. In 2011, he was awarded the Commemorative Medal of the Institute of International Relations, in 2012. - Charter of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University for success in educational, scientific and educational work.

 Viktor І. Muraviov



Scientific degree: Doctor of legal sciences


Position: Professor


Disciplines: Law of the European Union; Legal regulation of the internal market of the EU; The law of external relations of the EU


Field of research: European Union law, European private law.


Education: Kyiv State University. Taras Shevchenko, the Faculty of International Relations and international law. Professor V. Muraviov defended his candidate thesis in 1981 and doctoral thesis in 2003.


1999-2003 Head of international law department, Institute of International Relations; 2003-2018 Head of comparative and European law department. Academician of the Ukrainian Technological Academy.


Author of over 200 scientific publications, which include monographs, textbooks, practical manuals, articles etc. Scholarly supervisor of more than 40 candidates and doctors of sciences. He is an expert and consultant to several ministries, the Supreme Court of Ukraine.


Ranks and awards: Honorable Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (1999); Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine (2017).


Main works:

1.     Muraviov V.I. Legal basis of regulation of economic relations of the European Union with third countries (theory and practice): monograph. – Kyiv: Academ-Press, 2002. – 426 p.

2.     Muraviov V.I. Introduction to the law of the European Union. Textbook-K.: VPK «Kyiv University», 2007.

3.     European law: European Union Law: textbook: In four volumes. Ed. V.I.Muraviov. - K.: In Jure. 2015.

  1. Muraviov V. Interaction of the Law of Ukraine and the European Union//The Interactions of Legal Systems: Post-Soviet Approaches. - L.: Wilday, Simmonides & Hill, Publishers. 2015.

5.     Muraviov V. Grund-und Menschenrechte in der Ukraine//Hundbuch der Grundrechte in Deutschland und Europa. Band IX. Heidelberg. C.F. Muller GmbH, 2016.

6.     Muraviov V. The Supranational Character of the European Union Associations with Third Countries//limenatys of National Sovereignty through European Integration. -Springer Dordrecht, 2016.

7.     Muraviov V. European Integration and Europeanization of the National Legislation of the Associated Countries (the example of Ukraine)//The European Union – What Is Next? A Legal Analysis and the Political Visions on the Future of the Union. Koln. Wolters Kluwer, 2018

8.     Muraviov V. Realization of the Association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine: Means and legal tools: monograph. - Berlin 2019. 104 p.

Gennady A. Tsirat
















Science Degree: Doctor of Laws

Official capacity: Associate Professor

Disciplines: «International Commercial Arbitration», «Private International Law», «International Civil Procedure».

The scope of research interests: private international law, international cоmmercial arbitration, international civil procedure, international commercial law.

Background: Kyiv State University of Taras Shevchenko, Department of International Relations and International Law (1989).

In 2000 Mr. Tsirat defended PhD thesis on “Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards” (category 12.00.03), in 2015 Mr. Tsirat defended Doctor of Laws thesis on “Legal foundations and modern trends of unification in International Civil Procedure” (category 12.00.03).

The main academic researches:

1.     International arbitration as a means of international disputes resolution. Monograph. Kyiv: Dovira, 1997. 367 p.;

2.     International Protection of Foreign Investments in Ukraine. A Chapter. Yorkhill Law Publishing. Salzburg, Austria, 1999. CD. 80 p.;

3.     International Commercial Arbitration. Training Manual. Kyiv: Istina, 2002. 304 p.;

4.     Tsirat Gennadii. Ukraine / Gennadii Tsirat, Anna Tsirat // International Civil Procedure. Second Edition. Gen. Ed. Dennis Campbell. Ed. Christian Campbell. Juris, 2011. P. 1-48;

5.     Tsirat Gennadii. Civil Procedure in Ukraine / Gennadii Tsirat, Anna Tsirat. Kluwer Law International B. V. The Netherlands. 2012. 202 p.;

6.     Tsirat G. A. International Civil Procedure: the current state of prospects for international law unification. Monograph. Kharkiv, Ivanchenko I. S. Edition. 2013. 482 p.

International Commercial arbitration. Training Manual. Kyiv

Olexander I. Vygovsky

Scientific degree: Ph.D., Doctor of Law
Position: Associate Professor
Disciplines: "Banking Law", "International Financial Law", "International Commercial Arbitration".
Fied of research: corporate law, banking law, international financial law.
Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (2001).

German V. Galuschenko


Scientific Degree: Candidate of Legal Sciences

Position: Associate Professor

Disciplines: «Private international law», «International civil procedure», «International trade law», «International commercial arbitration», «Resolution of investment disputes».

Sphere of scientific interests: civil law, private international law, international commercial arbitration, investment law.

Education: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (1995). Defended his Candidate’s Thesis «International Treaties of Ukraine on Legal Assistance in Civil Matters» (2002).

  • Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine awarded a Diploma of Honor by the MFA of Ukraine (2002), a Diploma of Honor by the President of Ukraine (2003), awarded the Order of Danylo Halytsky (2009).
  • Included to the list of arbitrators of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes on behalf of Ukraine;
  • Expert of the European Commission under the program «Research of Anti-Money Laundering Mechanisms in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova»;
  • Member of the American Society of International Law
  • Vice-President of the Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption Committee, ICC Ukraine


Main publications:

The Issues of Private International Law in International Treaties of Ukraine on Legal Aid: monograph, K., 2005; Essays of Private International Law.2006 (in co-authorship); Law of Ukraine «On private international law», K., 2008 (commentary); Encyclopedia of Civil Law, K. 2009 (in co-authorship); «International Investment Law and Arbitration», K.: 2014.95).

Sergiy Yu. Koziakov

Scientific degree: Ph.D.(Law)
Position: Associate Professor
Disciplines: "Antimonopoly law", "Private legal practice", "Advocacy in Ukraine", "Legal regulation of foreign economic activity".
Fied of research: corporate law, legal regulation of foreign economic activity, advocacy, legal practice.
Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (1983).

Olexander Yu. Seryogin

Scientific degree: Ph.D. (Law)
Position: Associate Professor
Disciplines: "Actual problems of private international law", "International copyright", "International law of industrial property", "Law and economics (including intellectual property)".
Fied of research: civil law, international private law, intellectual property law, legal regulation of tourism activities.
Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (1999)

Yulia V. Chernyak

Scientific degree: Ph.D., Doctor of Law
Position: Associate Professor, judge of the Civil Cassation Court of the Supreme Court
Disciplines: Teaches the normative courses on Comparative Civil Procedure, Latin Notariat and the special course on International Civil Litigation.  

Fied of research:International Civil Litigation, International Family Law, notarial procedures with participation of foreigners.
Education: Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Faculty of Law (2000), master of Law, diploma with distinction. 2006 defended the Candidate’s thesis «Institute of Jurisdiction in International Private Law of the European Union States and Ukraine».

In Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University: 2007-2009 – in the Scientific Research Centre of the Institute of International Relations, 2009-2010 – Assistant of the Chair of International Private Law of the IIR, from 2011 – Associate Professor of the Chair of International Private Law of the IIR.

Author of more than 70 scientific works. Main scientific works: Unification of norms of International Civil Procedure in the sphere of family law disputes: Monograph. – Kyiv, 2018 (in Ukr.); Institute of Jurisdiction in International Private Law of the European Union States and Ukraine: Monograph. – Kyiv, 2008 (in Ukr.); International Civil Procedure of Ukraine: Textbook and Practical Training (edited by Fursa S.) – Kyiv, 2010 (co-authorship; in Ukr.); Private International Law: Textbook (edited by Dovgert A.S, Kysil V.I.) – Kyiv, 2013, 2014 (co-authorship; in Ukr.).

Applied scholarships of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and Private International Law (Hamdurg) and the Academy of European Law (Trier).



Попко Євген Вікторович

Науковий ступінь: кандидат юридичних наук

Посада: асистент

Дисципліни: «Порівняльне страхове право», «Правове регулювання ЗЕД», «Міжнародне спортивне право».

Сфера наукових інтересів: міжнародне приватне право, страхові правовідносини, міжнародне спортивне право, право міжнародної торгівлі, європейське приватне право.

Освіта: Київський національний університет ім. Т.Г.Шевченка, інститут міжнародних відносин (2012 р.).

У 2015 р. захистив дисертацію на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата юридичних наук на тему: «Юридична природа актів Ради Європи» (спеціальність 12.00.11).

Основні праці:

  1. «Рада Європи: інституційна структура та система права: монографія. К.: ВПЦ «Київський університет», 2017. – 287 с. Монографія;
  2. Асоціація як новий формат відносин України з Європейським Союзом: політичний, правовий, економічний та інформаційний аспекти: Монографія / за заг. ред. В. Копійки і М. Дорошка. – К.: ВПЦ «Київський університет». 2017. – 623 с. Наукове видання (у співавторстві).
  3. Становлення та розвиток науки європейського права в Україні. Liber amoricum до 70-річчя проф. В. Муравйова: монографія / за заг. ред. К.Смирнової. – Одеса : Фенікс, 2017. – 504 с. Наукове видання (у співавторстві).

Mykola M. Lazarenko

Scientific degree: Ph.D. (Law)

Position: assistant

Disciplines: "International private law", "Comparative civil law", "Comparative civil procedure".

Field of research: civil law,  civil procedure law, international private law, international commercial arbitration.

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Law Faculty (2014).

In 2018 defended Ph.D. thesis - “Protection of property rights of a foreign investor in private international law” (specialty 12.00.03).

Новосельцев Ілля Ігорович

Науковий ступінь: кандидат юридичних наук (Україна), доктор права (Франція)

Посада: асистент

Дисципліни: «Право інтелектуальної власності і право міжнародної торгівлі», «Міжнародний комерційний арбітраж», «Правові аспекти міжнародного підприємництва».

Сфера наукових інтересів: право інтелектуальної власностіміжнародне приватне право, неплатоспроможність та банкрутство, транскордонна неплатоспроможність, право міжнародної торгівлі.

Освіта: Київський національний університет ім. Тараса Шевченка, факультет правознавства (2004 р.).

У 2012 р. захистив дисертацію на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата юридичних наук на тему: «Транскордонна неплатоспроможність у міжнародному приватному праві» (спеціальність 12.00.03), у 2015 р. – дисертацію на здобуття наукового ступеня доктора права (Франція) на тему: «Критерії неплатоспроможності у праві Франції, України та ЄС» (спеціальність «приватне право»).

Основні праці:

  1. Новосельцев І.І., глава XX. Міжнародний захист промислової власності (торговельні марки, сорти рослин, винаходи, ноу-хау, комерційні таємниці); Захист промислової власності, що належить нерезидентам в Україні, с. 404-416 // Міжнародне приватне право. Спеціальна частина: навчальний посібник (для студентів вузів) під ред. А.С.Довгерт і В.І.Кісіль, 2-е видання, Київ, Alerta, 2014, - 656 с .;
  2. Ілля Новосельцев, IP-ліцензування та неплатоспроможність // Міжнародна асоціація захисту інтелектуальної власності, AIPPI, Україна, питання Q241, с.1-15, 2014 //;
  3. Ілля Новосельцев, Транскордонна неплатоспроможність у міжнародному приватному праві: Монографія / Науковий ред. Тетяна Сліпчук, 2 видання, перероблена, додана та розроблена - Київ, під ред. Art-economy, 2013. – 208 с .;
  4. Ілля Новосельцев, глава VI. Міжнародний захист промислової власності (торговельні марки, сорти рослин, винаходи, ноу-хау, комерційні таємниці), с. 121-136 // Міжнародне приватне право. Спеціальна частина: навчальний посібник (для студентів вузів) під ред. А.С. Довгерт і В.І.Кісіль, Київ, Alerta, 2013, - 400 с .;
  5. Ілля Новосельцев, Виключення із захисту авторських прав та дозволених видів авторського права в галузі високих технологій та цифрових технологій // Міжнародна асоціація захисту інтелектуальної власності, AIPPI Review, Україна, питання Q216B, 3 червня 2011 р. //