About the Department

Victor Y. Konstantynov
Head of the Department, Ph.D. (Political Studies), Assosiate Professor

The Department

The International Relations Department (as well as the International Law Department) is the oldest in the Institute and originates from the Department of International Relations, founded in 1944. The first Head of the Department was Prof. O.Kasymenko, Director of the USSR Academy of Science Institute of History. He was followed by V.Zhebokrytskyi, M.Korostarenko, V.Tarasenko, the diplomat who had worked before at the Soviet embassy in Washington.

As the International Relations Department the structure appeared only in 1992, but from 1971 Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University contained two departments and the students-graduates were the Specialists in International Relations by the diploma. Thus, the history of the International Relations Department may start from the 1971-1972

Scientific work of the Department

Education at the International Relations Department is carried out with the following specializations according to educational and professional programs of bachelor, specialist and master degree:

* European policy
* International relations of states (regions)
* Political Science of International Relations
* International organizations and diplomatic service
Students of the Department obtain fundamental training in history, theory and practice of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy with a sufficient level of economic and legal education.