Staff and academic interests

Staff and academic interests

 Victor M. Matviyenko


Degree: Doctor of Historical Sciences

Position: Department Chair

Disciplines: "Diplomatic History of Ukraine"; "Fundamentals of Diplomacy and Diplomatic Work"; "Theory and Practice of Modern Diplomacy"; "Law of Foreign Relations and Fundamentals of Diplomacy".

Scientific interests: international relations of the twentieth century; history of Ukrainian diplomacy; multilateral diplomacy and integration processes of our time; foreign policy and diplomatic practice of Ukraine.

He provides guidance in preparing dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Sciences.

The author of more than 180 scientific publications. The main ones include:

International Organizations / Under the general editorship of V. M.Matvienko (co-authored by: V. S.Bruz, V.M. Matvienko, Yu.S.Skorokhod and others), Kyiv: Kyiv University Publishing Centre, 2005, 406 pages, Matvienko V.M., Holovchenko V.I. Diplomatic history of Ukraine (from ancient times to the nineteenth century). - B .Kyiv University Publishing Centre, 2007 - 512 p.

Matvienko V.M., Holovchenko V.I. Diplomacy of Ukraine since ancient times. B.: IIR Publishing Centre, 2008. 200 p.

Matvienko, V.M., Holovchenko, V.I., and Soldatenko, V.F.Diplomatic History of Ukraine. Part 2: the end of the XIX - the first quarter of the twentieth century.

Matvienko V.M. (in co-ed.) International Relations and World Politics: a textbook with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine / V.Yu.Krushynskyi(head of research group) ;under the editorship of V. A. Manzhola. Chapter 26. America in International Relations. B .: Kyiv University Publishing Centre, 2010. 863 p.,P. 743-770.

Matvienko V.M., Holovchenko V.I. Diplomatic History of Ukraine: Textbook. - Kyiv: Nika-Center, 2018. - 420 p.

Matvienko V. M. (in co-ed.) Ukrainian-Polish relations in the context of hybrid security threats. Science editors Baliuka V. , M. Doroshko. - Chapter 1.2. The origins of Ukrainian-Polish international cooperation. - B .: Nika-Center; Lublin: UMKS Publishing House, 2019. - 280 p.,P. 28-42.

Awarded with the awards and honors of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, he has the title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine".

Yuriy S. Skorokhod

Degree: Doctor of Political Sciences

Position: Professor

Disciplines: "International organizations";  "Negotiation Theory and Practice"; Modern International Organizations and Global Problems   "The UN in the Modern World", "Economic, Cultural and Humanitarian Diplomacy of Asia, Africa and Oceania".

Research interests: theory and practice of international organizations;  UN peacekeeping;  negotiation theory and practice;  integration processes in the Middle East;  international relations in the Middle East.

 Provides guidance in preparing dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences.

 Author of more than 100 scientific works, including:

Skorokhod Y  International aspect of the settlement of the Lebanon conflict (80-90s).  Kyiv: Kyiv University, 2000. - 264 p.

 International organizations / For the head.  by V.M.  Matvienko (co-authored by V Bruz, V Matvienko, Y Skorokhod and others) - K .: Kyiv University, 2005 - 406 p.

 Skorokhod Y, Parahonsky B  etc.  Middle East: international security, regional relations and prospects for Ukraine.  - K .: PC "Foliant", 2008. - 591 p.  - P. 179-195.

Skorokhod Y  Activities of international organizations for the settlement of the Lebanese conflict: textbook.  tool.  - K .: Kyiv University, 2012. - 207 p.

 Skorokhod Y.  Syria in Russia's foreign policy strategy // The World of Islam in Research Perspectives on Arabic Studies and Political Science.  - Vol.  1 History and Politics.  - Torun: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek, 2019. - R. 73-84.

Natalya L. Yakovenko

Degree: Doctor of  Historical Sciences

Position: Professor

Disciplines: "Fundamentals of diplomacy and diplomatic work"; Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette; "Multilateral diplomacy and mechanisms of regulation of modern international relations"; International Security Organizations; "Great Powers in International Organizations."

Research interests: Foreign and Domestic Policy of Great Britain; features and historical development of British diplomacy, activities of the United Kingdom in international organizations; Ukrainian-British relations, multilateral diplomacy, Ukraine's activities in international organizations, Ukraine's diplomacy, Ukraine's European integration policy.

Author of more than 150 scientific publications, including:

Yakovenko N. Transformation of NATO public diplomacy // American History and Politics: Science. magazine. - 2018. - № 5. - P. 197–207. (co-authored with G Piskorskaya).

Yakovenko N. Eurointegration crisis and its effect on Ukrainian foreign policy and security // Current issues of international relations: Coll. Sciences. wash. - 2018. - № 135. - P. 25-35. (co-authored with G Piskorskaya).

Yakovenko NL Changing the Relationship between Soft and Hard Powers in International Politics of the European Union and the Russian Federation // Bulletin of the KNU International Relations. - 2018. - № 47-48. - pp. 19–24. (co-authored with G Piskorskaya).

Yakovenko N. L. Hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine: information aspect // Rosja, UE i przestrzeń poradziecka - problem sąsiedztwa [pod red. Tomasza Ambroziaka, Arkadiusza Czwołka, Szymona Gajewskiego, Magdaleny e, 2019Nowak-Paralusz]. - Torun: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek, 2018. - S. 198-206. (co-authored with G Piskorskaya.).



Olena Yu. Kovtun

Degree: Candidate of Political Sciences

Position: Associate Professor

Disciplines: «Basics of Diplomacy and Diplomatic Service», «Diplomatic correspondence», «Practical psychology in diplomacy», «Diplomatic protocols and etiquette», «Integration processes in contemporary international relations», «Theory and practice of negotiating»

Sphere of interests: international relations at the post-Soviet space, theory and practice of negotiating, theory and practice of international organizational, diplomatic protocols and etiquette, integration process in contemporary world.

Author of more than 20 scientific publications, particularly:

International organizations. 2d ed., rev. and upd. / Edited by V.V. Kopiyka, Y.S. Skorokhod, V.M. Matvienko, N.L. Yakovenko etc. – K.: PPC «Kiev University», 2015. – 783 p.

European Union: economy, policy, law / Editorial team: V.V. Kopiyka,

O.I. Shnyrkov, V.I. Muravyov etc. – K.: PPC «Kiev University», 2011.

T.I. Shynkarenko, A.H. Humenyuk, O.YU. Kovtun. Language of diplomatic documents. – K., 2009. – p.112.

Artem P. Sapsay

Degree: Candidate of Political Sciences (Ph.D.)

Position: Associate Professor

Disciplines: "International organizations";  “Ukraine in international organizations”;  "International Non-Governmental Organizations";  "Multilateral diplomacy and mechanisms of regulation of modern international relations";  "Lobbying Activities in International Relations".

Sphere of scientific interests: theory of international relations and integration processes;  international organizations and global governance.

Main publications:

Sapsai A.P.  European International Political Region and Ukraine // Integration of Ukraine into European Legal, Political and Economic Systems (in co.).  - K .: Kiev University, 2007 - P. 5 - 24.

European Union: Economics, Politics, Law / Ed .: V.V.  Kopiyka, OI  Shnyrkov, VI  Muravyov et al. - K .: Kyiv University, 2011.

Sapsai A.P.  Multilateral Cooperation of Central African States in Addressing Sustainable Development // Gilea: Scientific Bulletin: Scientific Papers.  - K., 2019. - Issue 142 - (No. 3) Part 3. - P. 96 - 99.

Roman K. Petyur

Scientific degree: Doctor of Political Sciences

Position: Associate professor

Disciplines: "Diplomatic and consular service", "International business ethics", "Economic Diplomacy", "Public service" "Public governance and Foreign Policy Decision Making",

Field of research: Theory of international relations, Foreign policy of Ukraine, International relations in the Middle East, Relations of Ukraine with tthe Near East and Middle East.

Main publications:

Petyur R. The Borders of the Middle East Region in the Context of Ukraine's Foreign Policy Priorities // Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National Taras Shevchenko University. International relations. - K., 2005. - No. 31-32. - p.95-97.

Petyr R., Kushnir D. Strategic Priorities and Conceptual Principles of Middle Eastern Policy of Ukraine // Middle East: International Security, Regional Relations and Prospects for Ukraine: Monograph / Council of Nationals. Security and Defense of Ukraine, National. In-t probl. International Security; Back Editor B.O. Parahonsky - K .: PC "Foliant", 2008. - p.377-387.

Petyr R. Ukrainian-Iranian cooperation in the aviation industry // Actual problems of international relations: Coll. Sciences Пр. - Вип. 101. Ch.I (in two parts). - K .: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Institute of International Relations, 2011. - p.73-79. 

Petyur R. Underdevelopment in the Middle East: Implications for Regional Security / The World of Islam in Research Perspectives of Arabic Studies and Political Science, Vol. 1 History and Politics. – Toruń: Adam Marszałek, 2019. – P.11-22.

Olga I. Opanasyuk

Position: Assistant
Disciplines: "History of Ukraine", "Ukrainian language" (on a professional basis), "Diplomatic protocol and etiquette", "Right of external relations and basis of diplomatic service".
Field of research: modern forms and methods of diplomacy, public, cultural, image diplomacy, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, culture of international communication and professional ethics, history of diplomacy, diplomatic correspondence, theory and practice of diplomatic work, integration processes in Latin America

Main publications:

Opanasyuk O. I. Evolution of diplomacy as a means of implementing foreign policy under the influence of globalization processes / Opanasyuk OI // Second Allukrainian scientific conference "Achievement of social and humanitarian sciences in modern Ukraine" (Dnipropetrovsk, April 28, 2012): In 3 parts. - Dnipropetrovsk: LLC "Innovation", 2012. - Part 3. - P. 16-19.

Opanasyuk O. I. Contemporary comprehension of the theory of diplomacy / Opanasyuk O. I. // Modern social and humanitarian discourses. Mother ІІ allukr. Sciences Confer From international Participation (Dnipropetrovsk, October 20, 2012): in 3 parts. - D .: LLC "Innovation", 2012. - part 3. - P. 16-19.

Opanasyuk O. I. The role of international non-governmental organizations in modern diplomacy / Opanasyuk O. I. // Actual problems of international relations: Materials of the international scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists. Part I.K .: Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Institute of International Relations, 2012. - P. 63-64.

Matvienko V., Opanasiyk O. New Trends in the Work of a 21st Century Diplomatic Agent / Matvienko V., Opanasiyk O. // Actual Problems of International Relations. Collection of scientific works. Issue 100 Part II (in two parts). K.: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Institute of International Relations, 2011. - P. 8-14

Katerina I. Kuznetsova

Academic degree: PhD in Political Science

Position: Assistant

Courses: “International organizations and global challenges of our time”, “Language of the diplomatic documents” (a workshop), “Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette”, “International Business Ethics”.

Sphere of scientific interests: integration processes in the modern world, theory and practice of international organizations, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, history of diplomacy, diplomatic correspondence, basics of diplomatic work.

Main publications: Kuznetsova K. Czech Republic foreign policy: conceptual frameworks // Relevant issues of the international relations: Scientific works collection. – Edition 139. - К.: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Institute of International Relations, 2019. – С. 47 – 57.

 Kuznetsova K. The role of government in shaping and implemention of foreign policy of the Czech Republic // European applied sciences. ORT Publishing #3 - 2015. ISSN 2195 - 2183. - P. 48-51.

Kuznetsova K.I. Energy security of the EU in terms of its policy towards the East partners // Racja Stanu (Studia i materialy). Instytut Studiow Miedzynarodowych Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego. Polrocznik nr. 2 (16) 2014. Wroclaw 2014. ISSN 2081-7991. - Str. 211-221.

Ilya I. Gavrilenko

Scientific degree: PhD in political science 
Position: Assistant 
Disciplines: "Diplomatic history of Ukraine"; "Fundamentals of diplomacy and diplomatic work"; "Soft power in international relations"; "Public and cultural diplomacy". 
Sphere of scientific interests: soft power, public, cultural and image diplomacy, foreign policy of the United States, history of diplomacy, theory and practice of diplomatic work. 
Main publications: 
Gavrilenko I. Image diplomacy as a method of maintaining U.S. Global Leadership//International Relations. Series "Political Science". – №. 7 (2015). 
Gavrilenko I. Peculiarities of public and cultural diplomacy of the USA//Bulletin of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. History. – K.: Publishing Center "Kyiv University", 2016. Issue. 129 – P. 11 – 14. 
Matviyenko V., Gavrilenko I. Electronic diplomacy as an instrument of the United States foreign policy//Eurasia Academic Research Journal. – Yerevan, 2017. – №1 (07). – P. 15-21.

Tatiana  І. Shynkarenko 


Degree: Doctor of Historical Sciences

Position: Assistant Professor

Disciplines: "Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette", "Professional Ethics", "Diplomatic Etiquette and Professional Ethics of an International Lawyer", "Diplomatic Protocol and Professional Ethics", "European Diplomacy, Politics, Governance", "Cultural and Public Diplomacy", " Culture of international communication and professional ethics " ," Language of diplomatic documents ".

Field of research interests: European integration, diplomacy, cultural and public diplomacy, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, professional ethics, ethics of international relations

The author of 90 publications, including:

Political and Legal Aspects of the activities of Council of Europe. Textbook "Phoenix". 2007. P. 224

Language of Diplomatic Documents. Textbook. Publishing Centre Kyiv University, 2009. P.112

Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette. Textbook, Kyiv University, 2009. P. 296

The European Union: History and Functioning Basics. : Knowledge, 2012. P. 759

Culture of international communication and professional ethics. Textbook. Chernihiv National Technological University. 2017. P. 291