Hlib M. Tsvetkov(1922 – 1996)

Цвєтков Гліб МиколайовичFounder of the national school of international relations; Doctor of History, Professor; diplomat; veteran of the Great Patriotic War.
Hlib Tsvetkov graduated from the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University Faculty of International Relations in 1952. During 1960-1962 – Dean of the Faculty for foreign citizens, 1962-1973 – Pro-rector on international contacts of the University.
Tsvetkov became the initiator of reactivation of the International Relations Faculty which he headed in 1972-1978 and 1980-1984. He defended Doctorate thesis "The USA policy towards the USSR in 1930-ies" in 1972. He founded national school of international relations.
Tsvetkov succeeded in diplomatic sphere: during 1981-1985 was a member of the UNESCO Executive committee from Ukraine, was awarded with the UNESCO Silver medal.
He has numerous domestic and foreign awards. Hlib Tsvetkov was and always will be one of the prominent history-maker of the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University Faculty-Institute of International Relations.

Scientific school

Scientific school was founded by prominent Ukrainian scientist and diplomat Professor Hlib M. Tsvetkov. Today it is headed by Professor Volodymyr A. Manzhola.
Main study trends are: "International processes and world politics", "International security and foreign policy strategies", "European policy and European integration", "Ukraine in the post-bipolar system of international relations". Fundamental researches of the scientific school representatives resulted in innovative developments of integration process development, process of the EU enlargement in the post-bipolar Europe, studying of the "Big Europe" phenomenon in the context of security and political processes at the continent, complex analysis of large states role in European integration. Significant input was made in research of the problems of regional security in the transatlantic region, Eastern Europe, Middle East, into the analysis of contemporary trends in the sphere of the large states nuclear policy and nonproliferation. Much was done in studying and improvement of methodological approaches towards analysis and forecasting of international conflicts and of Ukrainian place and role in post-bipolar system of international relations.
12 doctorate theses and more than 130 theses for Ph.D. (candidate of science) degree were defended according to the above mentioned study trends. Decades of monographies and hundreds of article were issued in Ukraine and abroad. International scientific conferences devoted to current problems of international relations and world politics are regularly held. Annual "Tsvetkov readings" became an important scientific forum.
In the 1990-es methodical school for training specialists in international relations and political sciences which provided for two master programs (European policy and International strategies and security) was formed.

Research division

Research division was established in 2001. The division elaborated the topic "Modeling the role and place of Ukraine in the process of contemporary international relations system transformation" in the framework of the wider topic "International legal, political and economic principles of the development of Ukraine". From 2006 the division elaborates the topic "The European dimension of the Ukrainian foreign policy in the context of international relations" (scientific supervisor of the division – Doctor of History, Professor Volodymyr Manzhola).
Today the Research division embraces 7 persons (of whom 1 is Doctor of History - Volodymy Manzhola, 5 are Ph.D. in political science (candidates of science) – Sergiy Bozhko, Kseniya Denysenko, Hanna Humenyuk, Nataliya Vesela, Olena Khylko, and one specialist in political sciences Volodymyr Dalskyi). They are active in theoretic and applied activity of the department: take part in national and international scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, practice pedagogical activity. The division prepared a series of analytic materials ordered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine devoted to the topic of Ukrainian policy of European integration, elaboration of the New Enhanced Agreement between Ukraine ad the EU, implementation of the EU Eastern Partnership initiative. The research fellows are the authors and co-authors of 5 manuals and study guides, 3 monographs, series of articles to the Ukrainian diplomatic encyclopedia and articles in scientific editions devoted to international relations.

Postgraduate and doctorate education

Postgraduate and doctorate education plays a key role for the International relations and foreign policy department in enhancing the best scientific traditions.
Postgraduate and doctorate prepare scientific and pedagogical staff of the highest qualification for the Institute of international relations of the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, other profile academic and scientific institutions. Graduates who successfully defended their theses work all over Ukraine as well as in many other states of the world such as Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Guinea, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Comoros, Madagascar, Syria, Tanzania, Chad Republic, Sweden, Yugoslavia and others. From the moment of the Institute establishment 12 doctorate theses and over 130 Ph.D. these (candidate theses) were prepared. Postgraduate and doctorate fellows play active role in research activity of the department. All the department professors, who were graduates of the doctorate, defended their theses: Volodymyr A. Manzhola, Olena A. Koppel, Vadym Y. Krushynskyi, Sergiy P. Galaka, Olena S. Parkhomchuk.

"The Tsvetkov readings". International conferences

Annual "Tsvyetkov readings" became a tradition and foresee participation of renowned as well as young scientists in international relations sphere from Ukraine and other countries. The readings take place at the first half of November and aims at commemoration of the date of death of the famous scientist. 
The Department organized (or was a co-organiser) a great number of international scientific conferences, among which are "Yalta-2000", "Modeling of international relations", "European choice and multidimensional policy: the problem of coexistence in the foreign policy of Ukraine", "The experience of the Visegrad Group and foreign policy of Ukraine", "Ukraine, Poland and NATO: Regional security of the Central European countries in the period of NATO transformation", "Problems of diplomats training in Russia and Ukraine in the context of globalization", "European Security in new geopolitical environment", "The role of NATO in the modern world", "Ukraine in the post-bipolar system of international relations", "Ukraine - Russia: search for an optimal model of relations", "The European Union as a new neighbor: opportunities, challenges and frontiers", "The EU Enlargement and national interests of Ukraine", "Poland and Ukraine in the face of the new challenges: integration processes in the Central and Eastern Europe", "Russian-Ukrainian relations in the context of integration processes in Europe", "Ukraine and problems of differentiation in the European Union Neighborhood Policy", "Ukraine-Russia-Europe", "Ukraine and the problem of differentiation in European Union policy", etc.
The Department researchers and students take part in annual "NATO Academies" in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv, Odesa. The department organizes a number of student scientific conferences and seminars, in particular in the framework of "The Tsvetkov readings".