Master Classes

Master Classes


Setting up the strategy and tactics of its development, the Institute proceeds from the need to strengthen the practical component in the training of future specialists. After all, our current approach is to implement the motto "Education is not just for the sake of a diploma, but for successful employment". One of the most effective forms of the development of student competence, which was launched and developed at the Institute, is regular holding of masterclasses for the masters students with the involvement of practitioners from both the state and business structures.

Nowadays masterclasses are increasingly used in the educational process as an original and effective learning method. Its principal objectives are to bring the basics of professional attitude to the chosen specialty and train professional skills, approaches and even a foreign language for special purposes . In addition, the use of masterclasses as a form of training provides the possibility of undergoing an internship or practice at an institution or firm represented by an invited expert (a managerial agent, as a rule) and, in case of success, further employment at the same institution.

The program of cooperation of the IIR with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has been successfully operating not for the first time, in which, according to the approved schedule, the heads of the departments of the Ministry conduct masterclasses with students of all departments of the Institute. Not only does the IIR consolidate this practice, but also extends it in cooperation with other relevant institutions, as well as well-known professionals.

Practical workshops on various specialties began at the Institute of International Relations.

To help the students gain practical expertise in the specialty "International Business" there was held a 10-week English-language training on the topic "The Art of Professional Presentation and Negotiation in Business" from September 4 to November 21, 2013, with the participation of heads of well-known foreign companies.

In December 2013 and March 2014, the first and second seasons of the intellectual and practical game "PRactice" were held on the specialty "International Information", where three teams fought for the victory and internship in one of the leading PR agencies of Ukraine, SPN Ogilvy.

"The Law Laboratory of Ryzhyi V.I" will begin its work from the second semester of 2013-2014 academic year, on the specialty "International Law", in which the students of IIR will be able to master the basics and gain practical expertise in their future profession.

The partner of the Institute, the Educational Center for the Entrepreneurs Startup Ukraine, offers the IIR students masterclasses on gaining practical entrepreneurship skills.