International Law


For the attention of students of the Institute of International Relations!

           Since the second term of academic year 2013-2014 “V.I. Ryzhyi’s Legal Laboratory” starts its work at the department “International Law, within which students of the Institute of International Relations will be able to study the basics and gain practical experience in their future occupation.

Those who wish to work in the legal laboratory can enroll at the Department of International Law till February 11, 2014 Information on the enrollment and admission of students to the legal laboratory will be given later.

             In the legal lab, students will be able to test and consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge in the field of legal practice, in particular in the following areas:

1. Practical application of the provisions of the instruments of international public and private laws;

2. Mastering the basics of corporate law (creation, legal support of activity and liquidation of business entities, etc.);

3. Legal regulation of commercial activity by the legislation of Ukraine;

4. Skills regarding settlement and dispute resolution, representation and protection of clients in Ukrainian and foreign courts (Ukrainian and foreign judicial and arbitral practice, the preparation of the necessary procedural and other legal documents);

5. Involvement in real trials and judicial debates with professional lawyers and attorneys;

6. Legal regulation of foreign economic activity;

7. Legal regulation and protection of foreign investments;

8. Mastering the basics of legal practice;

9. Mastering the skills of drawing up all kinds of commercial and other legal documents;

10. Legal occupational guidance and motivation of the choice of one’s future;

11. Legal educational training;

12. Different kinds of legal workshops.

It should be noted that more than 20 years of practice of commercial law school “V.I. Ryzhyi’s Legal Office” indicate that all students of the school – Kyiv law students already in the 3rd year had an independent and positive experience in legal practice and in the future had no problems with employment after graduation.