Postgraduate education and Part-time Master Courses

Postgraduate education and Part-time Master Courses

Head of the Department, Professor, Ph.D. in History

Matviienko Viktor Mykhailovych

In the department of Postgraduate education and Master’s degree, a recruitment for training for the Master’s degree on the basis of Bachelor’s degree, of Master’s degree, or of Specialist’s degree (acquired in other field of study) has begun for the following educational programs:

-International Law
-International Private Law
-World Economy and International Economic Relations
-International Business
-International Communications (International Journalism)

Form of study: by correspondence

Term of study: 2.5 years

Students on the basis of educational programs “International Law” and “International Private Law” gain theoretical knowledge on the international legal regulation of interstate relations, practical skills necessary to participate in the activities of the state bodies and public organizations in the field of interstate relations and foreign economic activities, practical legal activities.

Students on the basis of educational program World Economy and International Economic Relations acquire the fundamental knowledge on the theory and practice of the world’s economy development, international trade of goods and services, international flows of capital, work force and intellectual property, international finance and investment.

Students on the basis of educational program “International Business” gain theoretical knowledge and skills required to make responsible decisions in the field of international business processes management in the framework of activities of Ukrainian and foreign companies and to serve the analytical functions on the evaluation of international economic organizations’ activities.

Students on the basis of educational program International Communications (International Journalism)” receive fundamental training on information and analytical activity with the sufficient level of knowledge on history, political organization, economy of countries and regions, theory and practice of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy, world economy and law.

Also students leave the course with fundamental understanding of the theory and practice of the international journalism, cybersecurity, international relations and world policy, diplomatic protocol and business ethics, media law and media ethics, modelling and forecasting of the international relations, geopolitical issues in modern means of communication, language of the modern media, information resources of the national identity, frameworks of the visual communication, cultural diplomacy, negotiation and mediation practices, systematical approaches in international relations researches.

Which disciplines will educational curricula provide for?

The curricula of the proposed courses include subjects for the fundamental, professional and practical preparation in the field of the related specializations under study plans of the Institute of International Relations tailored to distance education.

Who will ensure the educational process?

The professors and lecturers from all chairs of the IIR will participate in educational process, namely from the International Law Chair, Private International Law Chair, Chair of Comparative and European Law, International Relations and Foreign Policy Chair, International Organizations and Diplomatic Service Chair, International Regional Studies Chair, Chair of World Economy and International Economic Relations, Chair of International Finance, Chair of International Business, Chair of International Information, Chair of International Media Communication and Communication Technologies, Chair of Foreign Languages. Furthermore, a lot of practitioners from different institutions and organizations will be involved in order to teach occupational disciplines of professional and practical preparation.

Where would the alumni get a position?

They may work at such institutions as follows:

  • At government and central authorities or at international departments of the related ministries;
  • At regional government bodies and institutions (i.e. municipal administrations);

Moreover, employment of graduates of following educational program is feasible:

  • «International Law», «Private International Law»
    - in both international and national firms;
    - in international consultative organizations;
  • «World Economy and International Economic Relations»
    - in representative offices of multinational corporations, joint ventures and companies with foreign capital;
    - in international economic intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations;
    - in business structures of all fields of the economy of Ukraine and foreign countries;
  • «International Business»
    - in private institutions that work in the field of international business;
    - in financial institutions;
    - in international consultative organizations;
  • «International Communications (International Journalism)»
    - in private institutions that work in the field of international communications;
    - in international consultative, analytical organizations and mass media;
    - on state positions in central bodies and institutions of Ukraine;
    - in international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations;
    - in communicative departments of business companies and organizations;
    - as editors of the "International Information" departments in leading national media and representative offices of the world media in Ukraine;
    - in higher educational establishments, academic institutions of Ukraine and of foreign countries;

Graduates could hold the primary positions in accordance with the list of positions for graduates of Institute of International Relations according to suitable specialties and educational programs of training.