“I thank the Institute for the knowledge I have acquired. The Institute gave me reliable friends, new life directions, new career opportunities. I hope and believe that the majority of the IIR graduates will respond to the Director’s message and support the establishment and development of endowment in the IIR. I direct my donation to the development of business education in Alma Mater!”

Mykhailo Staryk, 2013 year graduate of the IIR


“It’s difficult to overestimate the Alma Mater role in formation of the professional and integrated personality in general.

After graduating from our Institute and starting the professional career you realize that the choice of the educational institution and investment in the personal future were done properly.

As a person concerned about our country we are creating together, you feel the desire to invest the future of next generations.

I believe that the IIR is one of the few educational institutions in Ukraine able to be equal to the level of the best world ones. I know that there are people concerned who are ready to promote it. It’s my pleasure to be among them”

Mariia Saltykova, 2012 year graduate of the IIR

Donations to my educational institution Charitable fund is, first of all, the opportunity for investor to help with a pleasure. After dedicating the half of life to the IIR, it’s impossible to cut these ties. Now, contributing the Institute development, I invest into myself, into the future of other students like me, like I was and, I believe, continue to be”

Hlib Buriak, the IIR graduate, Candidate of Economic Sciences (Ph.D.), Assistant at the Department of International Business of the IIR


“After making a donation to the Fund of the Institute of International Relations (IIR) Development, I would like to explain what possessed me to do so.

One of the reasons was appreciation to the Institute for the opportunity to improve myself intellectually and as a personality. There are few higher education institutions in Ukraine opening so many doors and giving so much opportunities like the IIR. The level of training and experience I acquired during my studies were enough to enter the Business School of Columbia University (New York, USA), one of the best universities of the US and the whole world. I thank the tutors of the Institute of International Relations for their hard work, high professionalism and commitment to working with students. Especially I thank the tutors of the Department of International Business for given opportunity to develop theoretical knowledge and practice skills in the sphere of international marketing, marketing studies and statistics enabling me to enter the Master program on marketing in Columbia University.

However, first of all, my donation is an expression of my desire to change something in the Institute to the better. In the leading higher education institutions of the USA and the world students’ and graduates’ donations are not just a symbol of appreciation but something more. It’s financial independence of the higher education institution, ability to allocate money in the way best promoting the support of open-mindedness, creativity and innovativeness in all spheres of students’ and tutors’ academic life. Such donations are instruments of financing scholarships, providing financial support to low-income students, financing researches, engaging and rewarding the best specialists and tutors, developing infrastructure, supporting international cooperation.

Without such resources the Institute of International Relations won’t be able to reach the quality level of such famous universities as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia etc., where development funds account for billions of dollars.

Therefore, it seems to me that it’s about time to embody little by little the foreign colleagues’ experience for whom thankful students’ and graduates’ donations become one of the main sources of funding. I hope that my donation will promote the IIR and will make it able to be proud of such experience in the future”

Yehor Tkachenko, 2nd year master student of International Business in the IIR