IIR Hall Art Gallery

The exhibition of the artists Tetyana Krasna, Oleksandr Olkhovy and their daughter Marina Olkhova
In the September 2013 the walls of our educational institution were decorated by the works of talented artists Tetyana Krasna, Oleksandr Olkhov and their daughter Marina Olkhova. Exactly they had put the effort to shine our routine by the bright colors. The opening of the exhibition of these artists under the title “Diagonal of the time” took place on September 18, 2013 in the walls of the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.


The exhibition of the artist Kostyantyn Mohylevsky
On September 15, 2013, the real lovers of the art could enjoy the exhibition of the paintings of the famous Ukrainian artist Kostyantyn Mohylevsky, who is the master in the sphere of monumental and decorative art.
Mostly the artist works in easel painting and in the monumental art (stained glass window, mosaic, mural). Kostyantyn Mohylevsky is the participant of the national and international art exhibitions and the creative teams in Ukraine, Hungary, and Croatia.
His paintings are present in the private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

The exhibition was held in the hall of the Institute of International Relations. The subject of the paintings is diverse – from the scenery to the works entitled “Venetian festival”. However, most of all the attention of the presents was attracted by the still-lives of Kostyantyn Mohylevsky because currently he is considered as the one of the best masters in this field.



Art Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Winter Vacation"
On March 20, 2014 in the walls of our Institute took place the third art exhibition of contemporary art "Winter Vacation". All the willing persons were able to have the conversation with the famous representatives of the art elite and to get to know their works directly.

The opening of the exhibition attended V. Konoval, the head of the Kyiv organization of National Union of the Artists of Ukraine, the foremost artists of modern times namely K. Mohylevsky, O. Olkhovy, T. Krasna, M. Olkhova, I. Pelipenko, G. Primakova, O. Pryduvalova, O. Khrapachov and others. 
The purpose of this project is to create for students and professors the unique possibility to get to know the outstanding artworks in the routine flow of educational process and to improve the level of quality of education. Because the Institute is not only the scientific and educational institution, but also the center of the spiritual and cultural development of the personality.


The exhibition of the artist Ivan Marchuk
“For me, the Art is the Life and Revelation…
I am insatiable, always craving for the new and have the daily necessity of working – just like the mill in the wind!
I. Marchuk
On April 24, 2014 in the hall of Institute of International Relations within the frameworks of the IIR Hall Art Gallery project the genius Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk opened his new exhibition of paintings. The artist personally presented to the guests his latest artworks and told about their background.
The exhibition has already become the fourth cultural event within the frameworks of this project.
The unique style of creating the paintings (the artist himself defines it as the abstract surrealism) makes the acquaintance with them an unforgettable event in lives of modern artists and in the lives of the common people who are not related to the art, especially the young.
Ivan Marchuk is called the Patriarch of the Ukrainian avant-garde. His creativity, that is now counting more the 4000 artworks, was recognized by the entire world. In 2007 Daily Telegraph included Ivan Marchuk into the list of the top 100 alive geniuses of our times. He is the unique Ukrainian who was taken in “Gold Gild” of the world by the International academy of the Contemporary Art. 
Ivan Marchuk is the most titled Ukrainian artist and winner of Taras Shevchenko award. Every his exhibition is the inimitable cultural event. However, the long years of challenges were preceding the recognition in the Motherland. All the life of Master is the struggle for the liberty, the search of something new and endless work.
The opening of the exhibition was attended by the honorable guests: the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007 – 2009) Volodymyr Ohryzko and GUAM Secretary General Valerii Chechelashvili. 
The esteemed guests noted the high level of organization of the exhibition and emphasized the importance of esthetic education of the future diplomats. The director of the Institute of International Relations Valerii Kopiika underlined the importance of the art as the tool of formation of image of the state on the international arena.
During the meeting all the willing persons could talk with the prominent artist, ask him the diverse questions and find out the secrets of his inspiration.



The exhibition “The search of equator”
IIR Hall Art Gallery continues to impress the admirers of Ukrainian art by the original creative projects. The new semester in Institute is opening with the exhibition of the young Ukrainian talent Yuriy Picul. The International symposium of modern art “Byruchy” has become the partner of the exhibition.
The artist is only 31 years old. However, as is known, for talent the age does not matter that is proved by the vast geography of the art exhibition of Yuriy Picul: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, numerous exhibitions in the Art Arsenal, in Galleries on the Instytutska street and Gogol Fest. 
“My painting is not the social and critic project, I am not involved in the social criticism. My paintings are about people. But, of course, I tell primarily about myself”,– says Yuriy Picul.


The painterly diplomacy of Valeriy and Eugen Chuycov
Exactly the nature granted Valeriy Chuycov an absolute artistic ear that permits to paint subtly everything that was seen, felt and conceived by him. Over the years he led that mastery to the highest level of artistry. Certainly, there worked her majesty Genetics too because his glorified father Eugen Chuycov, that was the real Master, had the unique filigreed landscape talent. It is the great happiness to dive into their worlds where rules “the divine model Nature”. The manner of painting of the father and son are completely different, nevertheless they are bound by that the nature on their canvases appears sunny and optimistic without the fanciful conditionalities.


"Eclipse in the Garden"
Khrystyna Kyrylyna


What is the eclipse? The eclipse is the phenomenon that is beyond our control, the mysterious dance of planets. It is just taking place independently of that you like it or not. It is the short period of time during which everything is captured by the shadow. All of us like to observe it and we are searching diverse modes in order to see it all clearly. We are adopting to this and we are learning to see. This temporary shadow slides in our pretty garden in which happen the diverse metaphors and at that moment in this garden everything stands still. The flying stairs, fish, melons, horses and apples, all of them have lost the balance and froze up for the certain time. It is possible to look at them through the colored glass.

The exhibition of the sculptures “Listen carefully, there is going the conversation”
M. Perepelytsya, M. Bilyk, L. Kozlov, K. Synytsky, O. Mykhaylytsky, V. Byk
The six artists, whose artworks are glorified not only in Ukraine but also far away from its frontiers, have united in order to invite you to the conversation trough their art images. Each of them has his own priorities, his favorite material and authentic creative style. Try to find something for you that will not be simply something you like, but also that will touch your soul.

“Feodosiy Humenyuk – the hetman of the Ukrainian painting”
December 4-21, 2017
F. Humenyuk
The Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, winner of Taras Shevchenko award (1993), National artist of Ukraine (from 2009), Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine, the member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.


“The best”
November 2017
Andrii Chebotaru
The painter with the special awe and admiration creates the landscapes of Ukraine, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and other countries and also the sceneries of Crimean cities of Sudak, Balaclava, Hurzuf and Sevastopol. His paintings fascinate by their diversity and courage of compositional decisions and combination of colors. Andrii is able to afford any creative experiment. For that reason his creations could be recognized from the first glance. The contrast and harmony of colored stain are becoming the highlight of his creativity. Artist’s perception of the color creates special symphony of picturesque poetry and joy of life. Andrii Chebotaru reproduces by the color any spiritual intonations: from the lyric sceneries to the dramatic motives of state of nature.


Serhiy Polyakov. The painting
October 2017
Serhiy Polyakov was born on April 10, 1982 in Saint Petersburg. Later on with his family he moved to Kyiv. In 2000 he finished Taras Shevchenko Art High School. In 2006 he finished National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. The paintings of Serhiy Polyakov are present in the private collections in the US, Canada, China, Ukraine and Russia.


The exhibition of landscape photography “Terra. Timeless”
September 1-15, 2017
S. Tumasov
The project “Terra. Timeless” shows the land around us. Breaking out from the city, we are not able to realize and see the miraculousness of the nature that exists nearby. We are changing, flying through the time without paying attention on the wonderful things. And only the land is unchangeable in its refined sophistication. Because it is always staying beyond the time. Because it is timeless. In the exposition were included the artworks that was taken on the coasts of Bay of Biscay, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, in the Desert of Atacama, on the snow-covered territories of Iceland, in the mountains of Nepal and in the canyons of the North America.


“Valeriy Chuikov – the Painting”
June 2017
Valeriy Chuikov is the talented artist that is famous worldwide. More than the year the book with artist’s artworks has been preparing that now are present in the private collections and museums of the United States and almost in all the countries of Europe. The book tells about the life, creativity and wisdom of artist. Valeriy has the ability of “peeping” on flowers because his work continues until the bouquet, which he forms and selects carefully, is alive. In this consists the analytics of artist’s work that ruins the illusion of the real world replicating images on the canvas in a new way.


The exhibition “100 years of the renovation of Ukrainian statehood 1917-2017”
May 31, 2017
This exhibition demonstrates 17 portrait of the prominent actors of Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921 and their brief biographical notes. It popularizes both the commonly known personalities and the coverage of forgotten pages of our history. This is the peculiar propaganda of the conciliatory of Ukrainian lands and the revival of the interest to the national history.

The exhibition “The prayer for Ukraine”
May 11-21, 2017
E. Hula
The artistic creativity of the artist excels by the thematic and genre diversity from the monumental painting of the temples to the chamber works. 

The exhibition of paintings of Maria Polyakova
March 28 – April 11, 2017
Maria Polyakova was born on the 15 of December 1981 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2000 finished Taras Shevchenko Art High School and in 2001 got into National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. In 2007 got the master’s degree. From the 2004 is the member of the youth association of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. 


The exhibition of paintings of Anatolii Tertychny
February 2017
The creativity of Anatolii Tertychny is the original and inimitable natural element that consists the essential contribution to the culture and art. The artist’s painting is the powerful diversity of emotions, abilities, willingness, systematic and intensive work for the long years. The artworks of the last decade were selected for the Gallery and there was created the complete exposition. The works are interrelated, but differ by the theme, mood and emotional state. Each painting excels by the uniqueness, distinctiveness, artistic power and, most importantly, by the energy of color.


 “The melody of joy”
December 14, 2018
T. Dydenko
Tetyana Dydenko is the Honored Artist of Ukraine and member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine that opened the new exhibition of her paintings under the title “The melody of joy”.

“The code of nation 18”
October 4 – December 12, 2018
Yu. Nahulko
The result of the intensive work of Yurii Nahulko is the series of exhibition in the Motherland namely in the Kyiv Museum of Russian Art, Museum of Book Printing in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the exhibition hall of Sophia of Kyiv, Taras Shevchenko National Museum and the gallery “Pechersk”, the museum-exhibition centre “Museum of the History of Kyiv”. 
The artist excels completely from the number of famous modern Ukrainian artists by his non-acceptance of indecent, soulless and brutal in the painting. The painter is the bright individual that promotes the spiritual tradition. 
His creativity is perceived as the phenomenon. “He stands apart” – say ones. “This is the new direction in the modern art” – say others. The success, including the success among the collectors, gives him the opportunity to continue his exhibitional activity abroad. The collections of the iconic museums such as Andrei Sheptytsky National Artistic Museum in Lviv and the Ukrainian Museum in the New York City were replenished by artist’s paintings.


June 5-26, 2018
O. Tytenko, P. Tytenko, O. Yakovenko, A. Andreychuk
Oksana Tytenko
Oksana Tytenko is the winner of Victor Shatalyn award and the member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. From 2001 she collaborates with Danusha Fine Art (Great Britain). In 2014-2015 the artist cooperated with The Walt Disney Company. Her artworks were exhibited in the international expositions and in more than 70 Ukrainian art exhibitions. Oksana is the teacher of painting, drawing and composition in her own studio. Her paintings are present in the private collections in Ukraine, France, Great Britain, China and the United States.
Panas Tytenko
Panas Tytenko is the member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He works in the field of easel and monumental painting. Panas is the Master of landscape, still life and portrait.
Moreover, he is the participant of many Ukrainian exhibitions and international art projects. From 1995 his artworks are exhibited abroad at auctions Bonhams, Gohn Nicolson (Great Britain) and in the galleries Roy Miles Gallery (London) and Hanover Fine Arts (Edinburg). From 1988 Panas collaborates with Danusha Fine Art (Great Britain). In 2014-2015 he cooperated with The Walt Disney Company.
Olena Yakovenko
Olena Yakovenko is the member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. From 1990 the artist started the creative activity. She works in the genre of landscape, still life, portrait and genre painting. From 2000 Olena collaborates with Danusha Fine Art (Great Britain). In 2014-2015 the artist cooperated with The Walt Disney Company. Her artworks are present in many museums and private collections in Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Finland and the United States.
Artem Andreychuk 
From 2009 Artem Andreychuk takes part in art auctions and international exhibitions. In 2013 he won the award of International Exhibitional Bureau (France). Artem works in the genre of landscape, still life and genre painting. His artworks are present in the private collections in Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany and China.


 “The synthesis of thoughts”
May 17 – June 4, 2018
A. Kopchak
From the first exhibitions Andrii Kopchak fascinated the viewer by his peculiar and unique philosophic line in the fine art. His generation is the generation of millennials and the peculiarity of his creativity is the combination of incompatible. Andrii magically combines the traditional art with the original abstraction, development of the reality through the search of symbolic imaginary world (“The sound of rain”).
Artist’s artworks cannot be forgotten. They are bright in the painting and monumental in graphics, half man and half mystic creatures that are often intertwining, fading in the space and playing on the fine line between the formalism and realistic searches. They create the unique compositional order.


“Face About”
March 19 – April 10, 2018
V. Koshlyak, A. Baranovsky
Vitalii Koshlyak is the talent of the brave childhood. This is one of the discreet and calm painter of the new renaissance. He is the one whose unexpected on the canvas and in the routine shine by the kindness, sincerity, unity of a person and artist that fascinate by not the willingness to be liked and please, but by the sublime, as he is, and deep abdication, silent aspiration to glorify, to straighten the rebellious, singing, but afterwards confused country.
Andrii Baranovsky is the modern master of color. The fantasy of artist is showed on the canvas by the colors that are connected into the single whole by the alive and exquisite stain with the unusually exact link. Everything that fills the painting and each detail is perceived as the unison of the orchestra. Every color is the one mechanism, the indestructible order that has nothing to be added.


The exhibition of paintings of Anatolii Burtov
February 2018
Anatolii Burtov is the Ukrainian painter and master of graphics, the member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine from 1993, the Honored Artist of Ukraine from 2015. In his creativity he combines the traditions of icon painting, Ukrainian national art and the School of Mychailo Boychuk and his successors. He is fond of historic theme namely the age of Trypilian culture and ancient Ukrainian myths and legends.

The group project “Today is that way”
On September 12, 2019 within the frameworks of IIR Hall Art Gallery project was held the opening of group project “Today like that”.
Four painters that are Eugen Klymenko, Vladyslav Ryaboshtan, Sergii Skrypytsin and Anna Olshevska have the four unique vision of the world and just the one multivariate picture of our present.
The artworks that consists the project are diverse visual reflections on the modern life of metropolises and on the objects of the environment that absorbed unparalleled features of all the time dimensions.
Especially was valuable the discussion between the guests of the exhibition and authors of artworks on their vision and perception of the world and their own creativity, on the whole idea and the background of the project. 
The exhibition “The observation”
On December 10, 2019 within the frameworks of art open space of IIR Hall Art Gallery took place the opening of art exhibition “The observation” of the modern Ukrainian artist Eugen Klymenko.
All the participants of the event were able to join the discussion with the painter on the diverse and bright artworks that were exhibited. In particular, there were discussed curious facts about the subtleties of artist’s understanding of his own creativity and the phenom of the role of the observer that is quite essential within the context of the self-knowledge and comprehension of the world.
The exhibition within the frameworks of art space Marmur Hall
On October 1, 2019 took place the solemn opening of the first exhibition within the frameworks of art space of Marmur Hall in Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The event started with the speech of the director of IIR Valerii Kopiyka and of the one of the principal coordinator of the project Taras Koshlyak and with the acquaintance with the artists whose artworks were presented in the exhibition namely the photos of Boris Andresyuk and Anna Spylnyk and the paintings of Sandra Sambo.
The expressiveness of the forms, game of colors and original interpretation of images are all about “Inspiration”. The visitors were able to enjoy not only the artworks, but also the spectacular musical accompaniment namely the jazz music from saxophonist Yaroslav Protsiv and the modern music from the band Funky Family (Roman Babak and Nadya Bondaruk). 
Moreover, as it turned, there were prepared several surprises among which is the performance of incredibly talented team that included the elements of street dance and Vogue. The event was finished by the performance of KINERO that is the project of acoustic music in combination with splash of color, which harmonically played the rhythm. 
It seems that these sounds were getting inside and the colors were fascinating you. The atmosphere of the event found the voice in the hearts of those who visited “Inspiration” because indeed the creativity gives the inspiration, motivation and the moral rest.
The exhibition “Not for Sale”
On February 27, 2020 within the frameworks of art open space of IIR Hall Art Gallery was held the opening of the exhibition “Not for Sale”.
This exposition is the research of actual issue of overconsumption. The artists were striving to demonstrate the process of consumption as the phenomenon that becomes the sense of living of modern society. The consequence of humanity’s following the capitalistic direction of development has become the overproduction.
Thus, the painters are confident that the society without the overconsumption is the utopia that is why they are not calling to change the world. The exhibition reflects the modern reality where everybody from us is the consumer and customer. What matters is the degree of awareness of society and the quantity and quality of the consumed products.
The artists are willing to draw attention to the person, which is made depended by the consumer society that misleads him and manipulates his mind and desires. Consequently, the world we are living in becomes the fraud of the goals and dreams imposed by the advertisement, where we are not hearing our desires, where we are losing the understanding of the real value of things.
In the exhibition there will be presented the artworks of Eugen Klymenko, Nikole Ilyina, Vlad Tretyak, Eugen Kucheryavy, Nastya Procofyeva, Alex Velboy and Artem Chuyenko.