IIR Hall Art Gallery

“For me the Art is Life and Revelation... I am insatiable, always craving for something new and constantly striving for more work – just like a windmill provided with a strong wind!”

Ivan Marchuk

On April, 24, 2014 Ukrainian art genius Ivan Marchuk opened his new painting exhibition at the hall of The Institute of International Relations as a part of the Institute project IMB Hall Art Gallery. The artist personaly presented his artwork and explained its background to the guests.

The exhibition is the fourth cultural event within the framework of the project.

The unique style and technique, defined by the artist himself as abstract surrealism, make getting aquainted with the paintings a cultural hallmark for contemporary artists and connoisseurs of art as well as for those callow in that respect, especially the youngsters.

Ivan Marchuk is known as The Patriarch of Ukrainian avant-guarde. His artwok, which now comprises more than 4000 paintings, was acknowledged by the whole world. The international consulting company Creators Synectics (UK) listed Mr. Marchuk as one of Top 100 Living Geniuses. He is the only Ukrainian to be accepted to the Golden Guild by the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome.

Ivan Marchuk is the most appraised Ukrainian artist, a laureate of Taras Shevchenko award. Now each of his exbitions is a remarkable event. Yet, the acknowledgement in his Motherland was predated by numerous and excrutiating trials. The very life of Mr. Marchuk is an ongoing struggle for freedom, continuous search for something new and neverending work.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the honorable guests - the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007 – 2009) Volodymyr Ogryzko and GUAM Secretary General Valeri Chechelashvili. The esteemed guests noted the high level of the exhibition and emphasized the importance of aesthetic education of future diplomats. The Director of The Institute of International Relations Valeriy V. Kopiyka emphasized the importance of visual arts as a tool for shaping the image of our country on the international arena.

The visitors had an opportunity to talk to the renowned artist, to ask him the boldest questions and to learn the secrets behind his inspiration.

We look forward to new projects of IMB Hall Art Gallery!


Authors: Anastasia Krynychna, Yulia Tymohova

Photo: Vitalii Kolomiets, Hrystyna Chubrei