Exhibitions of the year 2016

Picturesque diplomacy by Valery and Eugenia Chuikov

November 15-25, 2016

Valery and Eugenia Chuikov


It is the Nature which has granted to Valery Chuikov an absolute artistic breeze: everything seen, felt and planned has been delicately transferred to the canvas. Over the years he brought this skill to the highest degree of his artistry. Of course, in these circumstances it also was Her majesty the Genetics, since he has grown up in the filigree landscape of his outstanding father, the real Master – Eugen Chuikov. What a great happiness to immerse in their worlds, where the "divine Nature" reigns. The manner in which father and his son has produced their masterworks is completely different, meanwhile they are united by the fact that the nature on their canvases appears without false conventions – sunny and optimistic.


"Eclipse in the Garden"

October 11-25, 2016

H. Kirilina

What does it mean an eclipse? The eclipse is a phenomenon beyond our control, a mysterious dance of planets. It just happens whether you like it or not. This is a short period of time absorbing everything into its shadow, we all are fond of watching it and look for different ways to make things clearer. We adapt to this and learn to see. This temporary shadow slides through our well graced garden, where various metamorphoses occur, and for this moment everything is freezing. Flying ladders, fish, melons, horses and apples, all of them have lost their balance and frozen for a while, it could be seen through a colored glass.


Exhibition of sculptures “Listen, it is chatting”

July 4 - September 16, 2016

M. Perepelytsya, M. Bilyk, L. Kozlov, K. Sinitsky, O. Mikhailitsky, V. Byk.

The sponsor is Kyiv organization of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Six artists, whose works are known both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders, have united to invite you to a conversation through their artistic pictures. Each of them has its own priorities, its favorite material and original creative style. Try to find something that touches your soul and just comes through.