"Winter Holidays"

On March 20, 2014 our Institute hosted the third art exhibition of contemporary art "Winter Holidays." All the interested persons had an excellent opportunity to communicate with prominent representatives of the artistic elite and directly acquaint with their works.

The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Kyiv National Union of Artists of Ukraine V. Konoval, the leading artists of our time K. Mogilevsky, A. Olkhoviy, T. Krasna, M. Olkhova, I. Pylypenko, H. Primakova, O. Pryduvalova, O. Hrapachov   and others. The cultural event was supported by the Director of IIR V. Kopiika, Deputy Director for educational work T. Klymuk, Director of the press center B. Lukyanchikova as well as students and faculty of the Institute.

The purpose of this project is to create a unique opportunity for students and teachers of continuous contact with contemporary outstanding works of art in current everyday routine of the academic process, to bring the quality of education to an even higher level. This shows that the Institute is not only a scientific and educational institution, but also a center of spiritual and cultural development of an individual.

Director of IIR has also suggested the idea of creating a circle of Applied Arts at the Institute of International Relations in fruitful cooperation with the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

We heartily thank all those who helped in organizing this exhibition, including the Department of International media communications and communication technologies and Country Studies; we also express special thanks to the Department of Foreign Languages, which has made an invaluable contribution by translating catalogs into several languages.

We are looking forward to further encounters with art!