On 4 May 1988, the Faculty of International Relations and International Law of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University was reorganized into the Institute of Ukraine International Relations and International Law, subsequently, in December 1990 to be renamed into the Institute of International Relations. Professor V.V.Pashuk was appointed the Institute Director. In 1994, when Professor V.V.Pashuk got a diplomatic assignment, the Institute was headed by University Prorector, Professor, (now Fellow of the Ukrainian NAS, Rector of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv ) L.V.Hubersky. Specialists were trained in three major areas:

With declaration of Ukraine’s independence, the Institute turned a qualitatively new page. By the Presidential Decree of 30 May 1995, the Institute of International Relations was designated the umbrella organisation for graduate training of professionals in the field of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine.

Through 1992-1999 the Institute was considerably redesigned.

It launched a new programme of International Information at the respective Chair of the same name. The architect and head of the International Information Chair was Professor V.P.Hondyul.

That period saw a number of new chairs coming into existence:

  • Comparative Law Studies, reorganized in 2003 in the Chair of Comparative and European Law,
  • International Private and Customs Law,
  • International Organizations and Diplomatic Service;
  • Comparative Political Science and Region Studies (Now Country Studies),
  • International Communications and Public Relations,
  • International Monetary and Credit Relations.

A new phenomenon in the Institute development was inaugurating the Department of Post-Diploma Studies, which emerged on the basis of the Faculty of Refresher Training, where a second Master Programme is offered, the Department is headed by Professor V.M.Matvienko

Since 2000 the Centre of European Studies has functioned at the Institute (headed by Professor O.I.Shnyrkov). In cooperation with the Universities of Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Greece, the FRG, France, and Sweden it trains Masters majoring in: International Relations, International Law, International Economic Relations, International Information on the programmes of European Policy, European Law, Economics of European Integration, European Information Security and European Communications.

In 2002 the Institute pioneered the programme of International Business (the Chair of International Business).

1n 2008, when the then Director of the Institute L.V.Hubersky was appointed Rector of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, the Institute was headed by V.V.Kopiyka, Doctor of Sciences (Political Science), Professor

In 2012 the Chair of Country Studies launched a new Master Programme of the same name.

In 2017 the IIR Business School was established as an international educational platform which aims at developing modern practical skills and connections of our clients for their successful business and personal growth.

School's mission is to exclude from the enormous cloud of information the most essential and useful one and to present it understandably to our student, caring about his comfort, time, personal needs, and, what is more important, about his internal development.

It’s important that the IIR Business School graduates should not only gain new skills, but also receive a “charge” of energy and inspiration to set and realize new goals in their businesses and personal lives.

The Institute of International Relations today is a branched modern educational and research centre with a flexible academic process system, where 11 specialized chairs and all-Institute Chair of Foreign Languages; they offer training in six specialities: International Relations, International Law, International Economic Relations, International Information, International Business, and Country Studies.

The Institute offers training to over 2500 students, doctoral students and trainees, over 250 of these coming from more than 50 countries of the world; 300 students are enrolled for extramural courses.

Over 200 highly qualified members of the teaching staff, professors and associate professors train the students. Of them, more than 25 are Doctors, Professors, and 80 academics who have PhD degrees (Candidate of Sciences) are Associate Professors.

Besides, well-known Ukrainian and foreign researchers, educators and practitioners from other departments of the University, other research and higher educational institutions of Ukraine and from abroad deliver lectures, teach practical courses, supervise diploma and course paper writing. Civil servants from the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Economic and European Integration, from other ministries and agencies of Ukraine, foreign political figures and diplomats make presentations for the students on a regular basis.

The Institute employs 40 full-time researchers. The Research Department is a depot of pedagogical cadres.

The Institute of International Relations hosts numerous national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables on a wide range of international Issues. Furthermore, meetings with high foreign students, ambassadors of foreign states to Ukraine are organised. Specialised monographs, collections of scientific articles, specialized academic councils on defending Candidate and Doctor of Sciences dissertations.

The Institute chairs work on the scientific problems commissioned by ministries and agencies of Ukraine, take part in many international projects under the TEMPUS-TACIS, INTAS, RENAISSANCE Charity Foundation and other programmes, etc.

The Institute keeps enlarging and strengthening contacts with Universities and research centres from Ukraine and other countries. Within the framework of inter-university agreements, the Institute co-operates with over 60 partner institutions of higher learning from Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Egypt, Iran, Spain, Canada, the CPR, the FRG, the Republic of Korea, Poland, Russia, the USA, France, Japan and others.

Among the Institute graduates are the President of Ukraine, Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Minister for Economic Affairs of Ukraine; Minister of Foreign Economic Ties and Trade of Ukraine, Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Deputy Ministers, Ambassadors of Ukraine to foreign states, Consuls-General, officers of Ukraine’s missions at the UN, UNESCO and other international organizations.

The Institute graduates have been elected to the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine of different convocations. The Institute alumni make up the bulk of the apparatus at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, work for other Ministries, Agencies and other Ukrainian organisations active on the international arena.

Many of them are outstanding statesmen, influential politicians, decision-makers, CEOs of major businesses and organizations, famous scholars.