IIR Gift Shop

The main purpose of creating the IIR gift shop with the symbols of the Institute is to popularize and promote the growth of a positive image of the Institute of International Relations.
Today the brand is not only clothing and style. The concept, idea and values ​​that the IIR brand  will promote are very important. It will unite around itself the community of modern, successful and stylish people, will form a general institute family among graduates, students and lecturers.
Taking into account the active development of international cooperation  and the prospects for building academic and scientific ties, the question of positioning the III as the leading innovative educational and scientific center of Ukraine on the global arena has become acute.
The IIR Business School has taken the initiative to create a pilot project that anyone can join with their ideas and suggestions (office@iirbs.com)

Where can we be found?

2nd floor of the IIR (Melny​kova 36/1)



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