Welcome from Director

Welcome from Director

Director of the Institute of International Relations, Doctor of Political Science, Professor Valerii V. Kopiika

Dream. Learn. Be Resolute and Confident

Today’s world is changing rapidly, it’s full of events, offers, and ample opportunities for the young, and a young person who is to choose his or her own way, aspiring the dearest wishes to come true, has really complicated choices to make. Where to study? is one of them, as the student years will be crucial in defining the personality. This is the time to look for real and true guidelines.  

For over seventy years, our Institute of International Relations has been the flagship educational institution training to forge the diplomatic corps of Ukraine.

It has bright and meaningful history; its present is vibrant and full of life. Our Alma mater is part of the best Ukrainian university that inherently combines classical higher school, employing fundamental research and pedagogical approaches, with novel methods of teaching and research. The Institute of International Relations is proud of offering programmes in English, double degrees (diplomas), master classes, and job fairs.

These, among other things, have turned the Institute of International Relations into the powerhouse producing career diplomats for our nation and other nations of the world. Six of our graduates have headed the Ukrainian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, many alumni are members of the Ukrainian legislature; one President, many heads of parliament, ministers and renowned policy-makers and diplomats of foreign countries have been educated here.

Our Institute has set up scientific schools in the fields of international relations, international economic relations, and international law

This is the place where the Ambitious dream of studying at the leading higher institution of the country comes true, for this is the place to build the will to achieve.

This is the place where people get Inspired by education and research attainments. The state of verve and creativity reigns within its walls, it makes young people’s life meaningful, full of landmark moments, shapes individuals, their world outlook and civil position.

This is the place where people get Confident in their knowledge that can be relied upon in the future.

The IIR alumni are Grateful for the fundamental knowledge gained, which combines theory and practice; they are united by the patriotic feeling, keep networking and maintaining ties with their Institute. The Institute of International Relations today does make the life of a young man meaningful!

The concept of development of the Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for 2020-2025.