Scientific Department

Scientific Department

Research work at the Institute is an integral part of the training of specialists in international relations. Scholars of the Institute conduct extensive work studying the theoretical and practical aspects of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine, regional geography, international economic relations, international law, international information, current humanitarian problems, linguistics. The results of the research conducted by faculty and research department of the Institute are used in the educational process for the development and implementation of new academic courses and special courses.

Scholars of the Institute make a significant contribution to the development of national science. The Institute regularly organizes international conferences, seminars, symposia, round tables on issues of international law, international relations, international economic relations and international information.

The Institute has modern facilities for publication of research results and educational materials. Each year, the professors prepare up to 40 monographs and course books, publish more than 300 scientific articles. The following collections of scientific works are published: "Bulletin of Kiev University. International Relations", "Current problems of international relations".


Hanna O. Hrydasova

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