Projects in Progress

1.     Survey of Paint and Coatings Industry of Ukraine: Current Trends & Perspectives, 2013

2.     External Security Threats as a Challenge for Sustainable Development of Ukraine, 2014

3.     Socio-economic Effects of Conversion of Organic Wastes Into Energy and Fertilizers Through the Mini-Biogas Plants, 2014

4.     Resilience and Risk Analysis Framework for Critical Infrastructure amid External Security Threats in Ukraine, 2014

5.     Investment Potential of Nucleus Pig Farm for 300 breeding sows of the GGP Level, 2015

6.     Investment Potential of Introduction of Granulation and Packing Line for Compound Animal Feeding Stuff for Domestic animals and Poultry for SME, 2015

7.     Survey of Ukraine’s Agricultural Exports to China: Development Perspectives, 2015

8.     Case-study «Biogas Utilization of LLC “Leader” Agricultural Biowaste for Electricity and Heat Production, 2015

9.     Survey of Kyiv Biotech Cluster, 2018

10.  Survey of Kyiv Fashion Industry, 2019

11.  Development of Ukrainian lamb meat export, 2019

12.  Assessment for Prospects of Introduction of Ethylene Polymers' Import Restrictions to Ukraine, December 2019