For Students and Postgraduates

Short-term mobility

Short-term exchange programs offer mutual visits and exchange between students from partner universities, within the framework of signed agreements. Following the links, you may find a complete list of partners of the National University of Kyiv and the Institute of International Relations.

If you are interested in a particular program or offer that are available, please request the assistance from IIR International Relations Office.

Information about grants, scholarships and other opportunities is constantly updated on

Joint Degree programs

The programs of double diplomas began to actively develop at the Institute since 2012. As a rule, they provide semesters or one-year tuition for students in IMI and in the partner university under synchronized syllabuses, which allows you to obtain, respectively, two master's diplomas - each of the higher education institutions.
 Currently, the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University has 5 current agreements on double diploma programs, in particular with the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (Lublin, Poland), Warsaw University (Warsaw, Poland), the University of Nicosia (Nicosia, Cyprus), the University of Mykolas Romeris (Vilnius, Lithuania) and the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poznan, Poland), Kazimiero Simonavičius University (Vilnius, Lithuania).
In total, 85 masters took part in double diploma programs, including 7 foreign students who came to the IIR for training in these programs.
In addition, the Institute discusses with the partner universities the possibility of introducing joint dual diploma training programs and the development of exchange programs (lecturers, postgraduates, scholars and students) with universities such as the University of Phoenix (USA), the University of Belgrade (Serbia), the University of Macerata (Italy), University of Nurland (Norway) and University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France).
For more information, please contact the IIR International Office (261).

Practice and internships

Taking into consideration that the theoretical training of students of the Institute is high, it is important to develop practical skills of students in the present context. The Institute supports students in taking their internship at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and other Ministries and agencies, international organizations in Ukraine, Ukraine missions abroad, international organization headquarters and private companies.

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