Press Center

Press Center is a structural subdivision of the ESIIR, which forms a favourable information space for functioning of the Institute and advancing its image. 

Press Center operatively informs teaching staff, students and employees about the main events of scientific, cultural and entertaining life of the Institute.

Our purpose is to provide permanent and effective contact with mass media for informing about activities at the Institute. 

Functions of the Press Center: 

  • monitoring public opinion about the image of the Institute;
  • operative informing of faculties and departments of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv about the events which take place at the ESIIR;
  • informational support of events at the Institute;
  • engagement of mass media to coverage of the events at the Institute.


About cooperation with the press-centre of ESIIR


If you wish to contribute to the activities of  the press centre, please contact us via e-mail

Office: Kyiv, 36/1 Yurii Illienko str., room 138.


Anna Povstemka

Head of the ESIIR Press Center

Mariia Skrypnyk

Chief editor and coordinator of volunteers of Press Center



Oleksandra Kladkova

ESIIR Digital Specialist