The representative office of the European Union in Ukraine launch the recruitment of students and graduates of the Universities on the online-module EU Study Days in Ukraine (Euroschool) that will take place from March to June 2021
The project is created for those, who share the European values, strive to find out more about the European Union, have their own ideas and seek the opportunity to embody them in cooperation with the like-minded. 
During the studying in the Euroschool the young will get the chance to meet the leading speakers namely the diplomats and experts from the EU and Ukraine. The format of the educational modules envisages the lectures, discussions, the face-to-face communication that will help the participants to refine their knowledge about the European Union and its cooperation with Ukraine.
The participation in the program includes:
  • The attendance of no less than two or of all online-modules
  • The active collaboration with all the participants and coaches 
  • The realization of your own mini-project that will be directed to the promotion of the interests of community, the prevention of misinformation, the communication of the ideas of the European integration etc. This mini-project also should be realized in the cooperation with the local participants of the Network of the EU (the Euroclubs, the Informational centers of the EU, Team Europe Ukraine, the networks of graduates of the EU Study Days, Erasmus, and College of Europe). 
The application forms for the participation in the competitive selection are taken from the persons under 30 who are:
  • The students of Master or the last year of Bachelor degree of the Ukrainian Universities
  • The post-graduate students of any form of studying and have obtained the higher education degree during the last 3 years
  • For the participation in the selection are accepted only those applicants, who did not take part in the programs of EU Study Days of previous years.
The conditions of participation 
The online-sessions will last from March to June 2021.
The working languages of EU Study Days are Ukrainian and English. The minimal required level of proficiency in English is B2. The organizers at the stage of selection could hold the interview for the examination of that level and reserve the right to do not allow the participation in the program at any stage to the persons, who express the insufficient level of proficiency in English. The participation in the program is free. The selection is held on the competitive basis. The participants that have finished successfully eight or more modules will receive the certificate.
The details about the project and the example of application form are available via the link.