We invite the students of the Institute to participate in an online meeting on the topic: "Effective public service: is it possible? Experience, insiders, life hacks"
Andrii Galai, doctor of legal sciences, professor, experienced practitioner and scientist who personally works in the public sector, is ready to share his informal experience and peculiarities of the functioning of the public sector in Ukraine.
What will newcomers in government bodies have to face? What do they actually do? How to transform traditional state structures into effective ones, and their employees into teams? These and other questions will lead the participants to their own conclusions about the need to reform the state-power sector in Ukraine and the possibility of personal participation in it.
The meeting will start on October 12, 2022 at 17:00 (Kyiv time). To participate in the event, you must fill out a short registration form that will be active until October 11, 2022 (inclusive):