The paid summer internship of the law students: the cooperation between the IIR and the Group Metinvest
Within the frameworks of the collaboration between the Group Metinvest and the Institute of International Relations, we invite you to take part in the selection for the paid summer internship of the young lawyers and to visit an exclusive stream dedicated to the selection and details of the training.
Who? The ideal candidates are the students and the graduate of the profile Universities. 
Where? The selection for the internship will be held in the online format.
When? The registration in the chat-bot in Telegram from February 15 to March 21, 2021
Do you want to solve the real legal tasks instead of the routine paper work during the training? Is it curious? Then go via the link and read the details about the internship and registration! 
The steps of selection: 
1. The questions on logic and attention
2. The juridical questions
3. The examination
4. The legal cases
5. The interview with the finalists
Specially for the students of the Institute of International Relations there will be held the stream on March 3, 2021 at 16:00 about the details of the internship. Go on the web-portal via the link.
What we will be talking about:
  • How to register properly and get on the selection for the internship
  • The internship in Metinvest: the myths and reality
  • The question-answer session. During the direct translation, you will be able to put the questions to the speaker.
Join us!