The title of the conference: "Current issues of international relations 2021"
Dear colleagues!
October 28, 2021
at the Institute of International Relations
Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv
will take place
International scientific-practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists
"Current issues of international relations"
Previous list of sections:
• Section "Diplomacy and International Cooperation"
• Section "International Relations and Foreign Policy"
• Section "International Regional Studies"
• Section "International Business"
• Section "Comparative and European Law"
• Section "Private International Law"
• Section "Public International Law"
• Section "World Economy and International Economic Relations"
• Section "International Finance and Investment"
• Section "International Media Communications and Communication Technologies"
• Section "International Information and Communication Technologies"
Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English.
Form of participation: correspondence (distance).
Venue of the conference: Kyiv, st. Yuriy Ilyenko 36/1, Institute of International Relations.
To participate in the conference it is necessary to send an application to the Organizing Committee by October 7, 2021 (fill in the registration form at the link: and send abstracts to the NTS mail (only in * .docx format) by October 21, 2021 year.
Abstracts should be sent to the e-mail address of NTS:
The subject of the letter must indicate the name, status of the author (student), direction of research and the name and year of the conference (for example, Ivanov_STUDENT_APMV_2021).
Requirements for abstracts:
1. The volume of abstracts - up to 3 A4 pages, not including the list of useful sources.
2. Alignment - width.
3. Times New Roman font, size 14; interval - 1.5.
4. Fields - all 2 cm.
5. Paragraph - 1.25 cm.
6. In the upper right corner of the page - last name, initials in italics; then the footnote is marked with an asterisk "*"; at the bottom of the footnote is written 10 In Times New Roman font. It is noted: the first line - the status of the author: student, graduate student, applicant, teacher, etc .; course, specialty (width alignment), the second line - place of study, work; third line - supervisor, his degree and position.
7. The title of the thesis is placed in the center in bold.
8. The list of used sources (not more than 10) is placed after the text of abstracts. Sources are arranged in the order of their mention in the text. Links to the text are made in square brackets.
9. The minimum allowable value of the uniqueness of the work - 90%
Abstracts that are not met and sent after the specified date will not be considered by the Organizing Committee and will not have the right to participate in the conference.
The result of the conference is a collection of materials of participants (abstracts)
Contact person:
Boyko Vladislava (Chairman of the Scientific Society of Students of the Institute of International Relations): + 38 098 215 93 77)