The beginning of 2022 is behind the window, which means that it is time to form a wish list for the future
What do you dream about: to study at the best university in Ukraine, to become an ideal candidate for an internship in a top world company or to get a first-class job? Or all at once?
Consider that you are lucky, because this offer will definitely fulfill all your secret and not very dreams!
Attention, ladies and gentlemen!
IIR Business School together with the Foundation for the Development of Gifted and Gifted Youth announces the recruitment for the training "Workshop on writing a cover letter for study / internship / work".
16 academic hours of online meetings, individual work of experts with each participant, communication with associate professors, scientists and students of NN IIR and much more!
The training is based on the author's program for preparing and writing an essay (Certificate of copyright registration №71749 dated 5.05.2017).
You can register for the course at -
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