Admission of Ukrainian citizens to higher education institutions of the People's Republic of China Possible at the level: bachelor, master, postgraduate student, trainee. The deadline for filing applications is February 22, 2019
1. Fill out the application form at;
2. A completed questionnaire (original);
3. A completed application form (in Chinese or English) filled in online at and (after filling out, you need to print this form from the site, must have one original a photo and signature questionnaire, and two copies of this questionnaire). Warning! The questionnaire should contain the Agency number - 8041. Instructions for completing the application;
4. Copies of the documents on the last education. Documents must be submitted in a notarized format, translated into Chinese or English (hence, submit: originals of notarized copies and 2 copies of the originals of notarized copies);
5. Students must submit a certificate confirming the status of the student from their institution of education and academic certificate (excerpt from the record book) (secondary school students submit a statement with scores for the last half year) (in Chinese or English) (original and 2 copies);
6. Approximate study plan (Study Plan, indicating exactly what you want to study) in English or Chinese (if the curriculum is in Chinese, then you need to add a translation into English or Ukrainian) (original and copy);
7. Two letters of recommendation in English or Chinese prepared by a professor or a teacher (in case of submission in Chinese, a translation must be made in English or Ukrainian) (two originals and two copies);
8. Motivational letter in English or Ukrainian (original and copy);
9. 2 Foreign Physical Examination Form Photocopies and Results of AIDS Analysis. All fields in the form must be filled in (English or Chinese). Incomplete forms, without the doctor's signature and the official seal of the hospital, are invalid (two copies, the original remains for the applicant to submit to the Chinese universities);
10. Applicants with letters of prior enrollment from Chinese universities must add them to a package of documents (for this, applicants must contact the Foreign Students' Office of the Chinese University, which admits to studying scholarships, and receive a letter of prior enrollment);
11. Applicants who have a certificate of Chinese language HSK Certificate must add it to the package of documents (two copies, the original remains with the applicant).
Warning! The Ministry of Education and Science will accept applications in electronic and paper format (it is necessary to send documents in both of these formats).
All documents must be affixed in the upper left corner (in paper format there must be 2 copies - the first package of documents - the original, the second - a copy). Please, create two sets of documents according to the list of necessary documents in the above-mentioned order. Documents can not be returned.
Mailing address: 10, Peremohy Avenue, 01135, Kyiv, Ukraine,
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,
Office of International Cooperation and European Integration
Note: Scholarships for studying in China 2018,
Please keep the documents in the mailbox.
In electronic format, scanned PDF documents must be sent to the E-mail address of the Ministry of Education and Science, mentioning in the letter "Scholarships for studying in China 2019".



Foreign Physical Examination Form