The underlying theme of the Conference is represented by the importance of a correct and a rapid exchange of the information between the humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine. Among these organizations, in particular, there are the Sovereign Order of Malta (which is present in the Country since 1991), the United Nations, the Churches, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the OSCE, the Caritas, etc.

This is an important opportunity for the comparison with an aim to improve and to increase the activity of the assistance and the support to the population throughout the Country. It is fundamental for this Conference to have involvement of Ukrainian Authorities, in particular, Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs of Ukraine, Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. It is also important to underline that the exchange of information does not imply any form of coordination or subordination between humanitarian organizations. Its exclusive purpose is to provide an extra tool, so that every organization, active in the camp, can develop its action with more effective and with a more conscious strategy.

A shared system of exchange of information also allows to know each other and to recognize each other as a humanitarian institution operating in the same geographical and national reality. Also for this reason the speakers of the conference will be the representatives of the most important national and international organizations of the sector present in Ukraine. It is hoped that the Conference will be completed with a final document which will not just give account of the work done but also will set the prospects of the operational and concrete solutions among the participants and those who want to join it with the aim of promoting the capacity and the quality of intervention of each operator through effective, fast and technologically advanced paths


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