On November 20, 2018, a speech by Evhen Klopotenko "How to make your name a brand " took place in IIR.

Eugene Klopotenko, chef, winner of the MasterChef project, came to the IIR students to share his experiences and tell how enthusiasm can bring money.

From the very beginning of the lecture the speaker won the attention of the audience, since he interacted with it as much as possible. After a quick acquaintance Eugene offered to start a brainstorming session. He asked the audience a single question: "What can I do with lime?" It turned out that one can use lime not only as a product in nutrition, but can as well always apply it for any hobby. So did Yevgen . Simply knowing that he likes food, Mr. Klopotenko wanted to change everything around in his own way. Subsequently, he created the "CultFood" project, aimed at changing the perception of food culture in Ukrainian schools.

 Text by Anna Bilogan