November 7, 2018, in IRR, the fifth lecture by Natalya Adamenko "There are no trivia in etiquette 2.0"

The meeting of the students with Mrs. Natalya this week was completely different from the previous, because there was no clearly defined vector of the lecture. The conversation took place in the "Question and Answer" format, and everyone could learn something interesting, regardless of the scope of the types of etiquette. First of all, it was about bad talk and the sad realities of the present, when unpunished vocabulary becomes no longer an exception, but rather a rule. Here Mrs. Natalia recommends to take care of the purity of her language, to speak exquisitely and as correctly as possible in order to attract attention and make a good impression of yourself. 

Students were also interested in the issue of feminism in etiquette. What to do when a girl refuses to take an outstretched arm of a man who wants to help get out of the car. How to react to this and continue to behave naturally?

In addition, the theme of the dress code was touched. The lecturer noticed that some clothes, for example, a down jacket for a senator's meeting, are a taboo.

After extensive discussions on key issues they discussed  uncomfortable lagging situations and even personal relationships between men and women.

The author of the text is Anna Bilohan