Recently, the Institute of International Relations hosted the final of the "People's Diplomacy - An Effective Instrument of International Communications"
The competition was organized by the NGO "International diplomatic mission of people's diplomacy" Synergy of Nations "" and head of the Department of International Media Communication and Communication Technologies of the International Information Division, Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor Danilenko Sergei Ivanovich.
Anastasiya Golumbievskaya, Vitaliy Ivanov, Andriy Bilovusyak, Taras Struk and Polina Smolyar - students of the first year of the specialty "International Communications" - offered their own methods of studying the potential of people's diplomacy in solving the acute international problems of our time. During the protection of works, a number of successful cases of cooperation between institutions of national diplomacy and government structures, actual Ukrainian and world trends in this area, the determining role of their youth, as well as the possibility of creating their own projects were considered.