On December 1, 2018 the annual Open day in the IIR was held. Attendees were able to visit the Institute and learn about its distinctive characteristics from the inside.

Each of the departments prepared presentations of specialties and future entrants and their parents had an opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the IIR, learn about the features of language learning, practice and extracurricular activities. Volunteer students shared their admission experience, professors and methodologists helped to get familiar with the 2019 admission campaign as well.

The departments of the Institute also prepared surprises for our guests. For instance, representatives of International Communications offered magical predictions. 

We thank everyone for activity and believe the Institute has sparkled a wish to join us in the upcoming academic year. Therefore, we wish applicants a successful ZNO-2019 and the right choice of a further path!

We are pleased to announce that the IIR will open the doors for applicants and their parents both on February 23 and April 20, 2019. See you soon!                                                             

by Katerina Onischuk