Completion of the Environment and Energy Security in International Relations program, as well as the pandemic and restrictions, are no reason to limit your opportunities to continue and deepen your studies
Thus, after submitting an application in 2019 with the support of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association and the guarantor of the program, Kateryna Knysh, now a graduate of the IIR, graduated from the Energy Summer School at the Energy Community.
And in March 2020, Serhiy Kachan was a participant in the training course KSEP (Kyiv School of Energy Policy) "EU Energy Law and Regulation". It also deepened the issues of the peculiarities of the development and application of EU energy law, the work of EU regulatory bodies and the functioning of the operators of the transmission and distribution system of European states. Despite the relatively short duration of the course, this is a great opportunity to get practical withdrawals, as the course speakers, as well as the participants, are the persons directly responsible for the development and implementation of energy policy in the EU and Ukraine.
Not far away, Gleb Mikhno received a grant to study under a scholarship program offered by the Renewable Energy Academy (Berlin, Germany) in collaboration with the German think tank Agora Energiewende. The purpose of the one-year program is to train highly qualified experts on climate and energy transformation with an emphasis on the technical features of power systems and decarbonization. The study grant is awarded on a highly competitive basis by the German Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety to interested experienced professionals from around the world.
It is so nice that the program is an empowerment and we can not be proud of the competitiveness and professionalism of our students, who receive their places in a cohort of international best programs to improve knowledge in the field of energy and ecology, overcoming difficult interviews and tests.
We are proud of you!