Return of Crimea and Donbass? Publishing the conversation of Zelensky and Trump? Adopting completely new reforms? These are just several issues of lecture by popular American politician and diplomat Daniel Fried held in the IIR on 17October, 2019

The topic of the speech was Ukrainian opportunities and tasks of America.

The issues of contemporary Ukrainian politics and the US influence hereon were discussed on the lecture defining the strategic expediency and value of bilateral relations.

Major points and tips from Daniel Fried:

 •there is strong US support for Ukraine and condemnation of the Russian armed aggression against our country;

•the need to build and to strengthen state institutions (in the US we see perhaps the best mechanism of such institutions in action) is urgent;

 * the need for new reforms and approval of the recent government reforms is stated;

 * US historical inclination to support Ukraine on the international arena is tracing its roots back to 1918 and to Woodrow Wilson points.

The ending surprised the guests with the presentation of a new book by the US diplomat called " The United States and Central Europe in the American Age."

The event was organized with the assistance of the National Transformation Forum of Ukraine and the US Embassy in Ukraine.