Today, the Institute of International Relations hosted the opening of the Center for Interactive Learning at the initiative of IIR graduate Shevtsova Alyona Volodymyrivna
The opening was also attended by:
Yushchenko Viktor Andriyovych, Third President of Ukraine, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the LEO International Payment System;
Melnyk Petro Petrovych, Chairman of the Board of IBOX BANK;
Bugrov Vladimir Anatolyevich, rector of KNU. T. Shevchenko;
Kopiyka Valerii Volodymyrovych, Director of the Institute of International Relations of the Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko
Possibilities of the Interactive Learning Center:
  • each workstation is equipped with a modern computer with licensed operating systems, which allows you to perform any work task, including work with graphic editors and video editing
  • The main element of the Center is an interactive display from New Line, which can be used as a board, a platform for broadcasts and a tablet.
  • also the Interactive Learning Center is equipped with a full-fledged two-camera stream studio for online conferences and distance lectures

The cooperation between the patron and the institute is based on the endowment fund. This format is used in the most famous educational institutions in the United States and Great Britain.
The Endowment Fund of the Institute of International Relations is the first and so far the only trust fund of the University in Ukraine, intended for non-commercial use.
The Institute of International Relations will tirelessly thank Alona Volodymyrivna for multilateral assistance in the educational process, because such an initiative is not the first and certainly not the last communication of the graduate with her alma mater!