Our meeting should be right here and right now because our time has come», - the Estonian extraordinary and authoritative ambassador in Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk said as the start of his lection which was held in the IIR on 28 November 2019

First of all, his speech was quite easy to understand because as he said «I am just a person who loves his country». The speaker started with his own biography and his experience in the foreign policy. It is worth saying that the most important thing for him is his family and he noticed that despite anything in this world you mustn’t forget about your wealth.
Secondly, there was discussed the current situation on the international arena.
Ambassador paid more attention to the relations between Ukraine and Estonia emphasizing that they would always be excellent.  

In addition, speaker shared Estonian experience connected with integration in European Union and NATO analyzing the prospectives of Ukraine to do the same. He noticed that, without any doubt, it can become a reality in the near time.
To sum up, Mr. Kuusk accented that he had a strong faith that Ukraine will become the successful state despite any hardship and challenges.

«See you in EU and NATO!», - he concluded our meeting.