On March 6, 2019, the Director of the Center for Information and Documentation of NATO in Ukraine , Barbora Maronkova, visited the Institute of International Relations.
Ms. Barbora held  a training titled  "Public Diplomacy - Concept of History". The lecturer considered public diplomacy as an important factor in the foreign policy of a state. This instrument of impact is used in forming the state’s international image. Thanks to Ms. Maronkova’s  examples, students were able to see how effective it is to apply "soft power" in international relations. The purpose of public diplomacy is to promote national interests, to establish relations not only with the government of a foreign state, but also with its public, to inform the external audience about its own policy.
In order to successfully represent your country, you need to know the elements of such a political instrument:
• TV and radio (for example, BBC, CNN)
• exchange programs (like Erasmus +)
• cultural exchange (for example, exchange of exhibitions between museums)
• popularization of famous national brands (e.g.,  Role x, Apple).
We are very grateful to Ms Barbora for her training and look forward to its continuation.