On March 12, 2019, the Institute of International Relations signed a memorandum with the company UKRENERGO NPC SE
 Director of the IIR Valerii V. Kopiika  and Acting Director of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk discussed future cooperation and internship opportunities for students of the Institute.
Mr. Vsevolod also held a lecture about modernization in the company and its development directions. During the lecture, students understood the vision and goals of the company, its development strategy.
The guest also noted that in the future Ukrenergo will need specialists in the following areas:
• Geopolitical processes
• International markets and communications
• International law
Also at the lecture  students were told about the following areas of cooperation between our parties:
• Conducting internships for students of 4-5 courses in company departments.
• Collaboration with the IIR  research and teaching staff (analytical studies).
• Involvement of company specialists in the educational process.
The Institute of International Relations is grateful to Ukrenergo and hopes for a long and productive cooperation.